Tips To Look Stylish When You’re Overweight

Tips To Look Stylish When You're Overweight

Dressing well is a vital skill that everyone needs to develop. Every girl can look stylish and beautiful if she puts effort into her outfit. When you dress up, you have a better mood and feel more confident. So, don’t look for excuses to skip shopping this month. It’s time to treat yourself, after all. Pick a sunny day for shopping, turn off the notifications on your phone and try it all. You can look like a Hollywood star if you learn a few secrets:


Every girl will say that having sexy underwear makes her flirty and confident. Also, well-fitting undergarments can help to hide extra kilos. So, first and most important is to find high-waisted underpants and supportive bras. Make sure to choose the right color of your underwear. Feel free to start with something classic: beige, black, white and red. Also, you can invest in some shapewear that will give you a better posture.

Remember that it all starts with the right underwear, so avoid with funny prints. You are a beautiful young woman, not a teen girl after all.

Clothing choices

There is one crucial point: you shouldn’t throw yourself in a bag. It means you need to avoid huge sizes that don’t fit you. Buggy clothing doesn’t hide everything, it can only make you look bigger. If you have a dress, tunic or blouse a couple of sizes bigger, add a wide belt that can help you look slimmer. All you need is to choose the right belt for yourself. The best option would be to find belts of neutral or dark colors. Also, make sure you wear it in the middle of your waist.

If you like wearing pants, choose the ones with a high-rise. Remember that combining such pants with a short jacket isn’t the best idea; it can make you look like a box of potatoes. Also, avoid wearing big pants since they can make you look bulky.

Summer is around the corner, so feel free to wear mid-knee length or pencil skirts and dresses.

You can find more ideas for dresses here: plus size mother of the bride dresses.


It’s not a secret that dark colors can make your outline less visible. However, it doesn’t mean your wardrobe should consist only of black jeans, a black shirt and one black dress for every occasion. You can also add navy, olive green, purple, brown, and charcoal colors in order to create a slimming effect. Choose colors you like, since your general look will mostly depend on how you combine your clothing.

Don’t stick to the old rule of not wearing bright colors. The myth of prints that make women look bigger is busted. Nowadays you can look fabulous in printed shirts and trousers. If you feel like stripes, choose vertical patterns, so that you will look taller. Chubby girls who wear dresses or T-shirts with horizontal stripes look even wider.

There is another old rule that you shouldn’t stick to; the rule of dressing only in monochrome. Indeed, it can help you create a continual, lean line. However, you will look stylish once you start combining shadows.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment and wear bright colors. Another important thing is to avoid transparent clothes.


Forget about gym shoes for a while since they don’t help you look better. Leave them where they belong (on the shelf in your gym) and wear high-heeled shoes instead. Yes, you will draw a lot of attention to yourself by wearing these, be proud of it!

The good thing about high-heeled shoes is that they can make you look slimmer, higher, and sexy! Avoid pointer style shoes since they can cut your legs and make you look like a ballerina in a musical jewelry box. You can wear block heels and kitten heels to make your feet look smaller.


Every detail should look perfect on you. You will be surprised, but bracelets, rings, or necklaces can change the whole picture since they can accentuate your body shape. For instance, if you want to draw attention to your neck and breasts, you can wear a choker. The most important thing is to remember that less is more. You don’t need to have more than eight accessories on yourself. Glasses, watch, buttons are also considered accessories.


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