5 Ways to Improve Your Home With Siding, Cladding, and Facing

5 Ways to Improve Your Home With Siding, Cladding, and Facing

When it comes to your home’s structure, the outside can be just as important as what’s on the inside. Today, we’re going to show you to put your home’s best face forward by elevating its exteriors. There are five ways that siding, cladding, and facing can amplify your living environment.

Improve your surfaces

Cladding and siding are interrelated, but unique in application. While cladding techniques can be used both indoors and outdoors, sidings are typically applied to external walls. You can tailor-make your exterior by choosing a technique that suits your needs — whether you want to secure your walls or insulate your halls.

Materials that match


You can start by selecting a source of natural or artificial facings. With the right manufacturer, like Vulcan Cladding Systems, you will be offered a range of materials with different colors, textures, and finishes. Choose from wood, thatch, stone, brick, or specialized surfaces for facings that fit your style.

Insulate your interiors

Beyond looks, the right cladding adds a layer of thermal protection, insulating your interiors and keeping your home warm throughout winter. With cladding, a protective “skin” is placed over existing wall materials, with an air cavity to capture excess rain or moisture.

Securing your home

For homes with steel l-beams or wooden frames, it is generally advised to go with siding. Otherwise, both methods provide means of strengthening your walls with lasting effects. Added benefits are noise protection, as well as the ongoing structural support the layer will provide.

Weather-proofing your home

Both siding and cladding divert rain flow from your home, as well as protect your home’s surfaces through rain or snow. Your choice of facing will also redirect wind and secure your home’s internal structure from rainfall, giving you added protection against deterioration.

If your home is lacking that “photo finish”, you might find the finishing touches in stylishly built siding and cladding features. Your new exterior will provide lasting effects to your home’s look, all while supporting its crucial structures.


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