Why Accident Does Happens In An Eco-Friendly World?

Why Accident Does Happens In An Eco-Friendly World?

Accidents take place on a regular basis and the statistics show that out of every 100 accidents, 80 are the ones in which the person involved in the occasion is at fault. The world has become so eco-friendly but still, due to the negligence of people, accidents do occur in today’s world as well and even people get some serious injuries in these accidents. There is a firm Naqvi Injury Law who handles a lot of cases related to all the injuries which occur due to a different type of accidents.  Accidents occur due to many reasons, out of many, some are mentioned below:

     1) Taking Shortcuts & Cutting Corners

This is the most common practice done by some people due to which a huge number of accidents take place. While trying to be eco-friendly but profitable at the same time, people tend to take shortcuts and cut corners to reduce their expenses. For example, eco-friendly home construction will use the cheapest reclaimed wood (even if the reclaimed wood is in not in a good condition). As a result, the finished product’s quality is not up to the standard and chances are that the accident could happen due to this and people could get hurt in the long run.

     2) Over Confidence

Having confidence is a good thing but being overconfident is a bad sign, as it can lead to huge problems. Having an attitude like, “This will never happen to me” will direct you to use wrong techniques and tools in your work. And in the future, this attitude can lead you to an injury as well.

     3) Mental Disruption from Work

It happens with everyone that a bad day or a personal issue at your home can distract you when you are at the office. It is normal that people think about it and get worried while being at work. This can be a reason for several injuries as if you get distracted while doing a job so, this can harm you in many ways. For example, you are working in a production department where there are all electronic equipment and you just took off your eyes from the machine for a second and as a result, you just end up getting hurt. Being inattentive can lead you to unusual injuries, as many of the employees just cut their fingers by getting distracted during work.

     4) Dumping Chemical Waste

There are some companies who throw the chemical waste at a place outside the company; so that their employees could not get hurt because of it but they actually forget that the people outside the company could hurt themselves being unaware of it so, they should think as being an eco-friendly person that they should not throw it like that and instead they should dump it, so that no one could get affected due to this and there would be no chance of an accident to take place.

     5) Drunk Driving

Road accidents occur on a daily basis and the reason behind them is the awfully crowded road traffic or the freedom given to the drivers due to which the drive even when they are drunk. When you get drunk, then your brain does not function appropriately and you just lose the capability to focus so, you should avoid driving vehicles in these conditions. We witness a lot of accidents regularly due to this reason whereas; this is something which can be avoided. Being a good citizen, it is your responsibility to take care of other citizens and do not perform such acts which are not eco-friendly.

     6) Teenage Drivers

As we all can see that it has become a trend to start driving at a young age. But the people at the younger age, they take everything as fun and this is the reason that while driving they start racing and as a result, they hit the roads with their speeds and when something happens, so due to the lack of experience, they don’t realize what to do, so they end up causing car accidents.

     7) Strict Laws

There are a lot of reasons for having accidents but these things can be avoided by taking strict actions towards it. Like, it should be strictly prohibited to drive while you are drunk and some other strict laws regarding driving should be implemented. Even there are some plug-in cars launched in which there are some safety issues which needs to be resolved in order to avoid any harm in the future.

     8) Eco-Friendly Cars

Research showed that hundreds of car accidents each year are caused by air pollution as due to air pollution drivers are unable to see properly and as a result, they end up being crashed into another car. So, there are some eco-friendly cars as well which can help in reducing the number of accidents on a daily basis, as they create less pollution and can help in avoiding crashes.


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