5 Reasons You Should Learn Javascript

5 Reasons You Should Learn Javascript

It has never been easier to learn a programming language. Anyone with curiosity can now learn to code from the comfort of their own home with relative ease. However, even after you’ve made the decision to learn to code, you then find yourself immediately faced with having to decide which of the many available languages to learn. Here is Java online training with Entri app.

There are advantages and disadvantages to any programming language, and each one has its own ideal use case. However, some languages, such as JavaScript, are incredibly versatile and can be used for a number of reasons. Here are five applications of JavaScript that make it a language worth learning.

Mobile App Development

Few industries have witnessed the kind of explosive growth that the smartphone app market has over the last decade or so. Mobile apps are big business; there is a huge amount of money on offer for those who are able to innovate in the space. Both Apple and Google have incorporated Java Script into their development kits, allowing developers to utilize JavaScript when developing apps for either platform.

From games to productivity apps, there are plenty of niches to choose from as an app designer. There really is an app for everything these days, so working as an app designer is a potential career path for most people, regardless of their interests.

Backend Server-Side Development

While it has not traditionally been associated with server-side backend programming, JavaScript has been embraced in recent years and has been adopted at a breakneck speed. The emergence of JavaScript in this field is largely down to the success of Node.js, a software platform that enables users to build scalable network applications.

Big Data and Cloud Development

Both big data and cloud services are vital areas of modern computing. Both are shaping our lives in ways that many of us don’t even realize. These two technologies are increasingly being used side by side, as cloud computing enables individuals and organizations to access far more computing power than they otherwise could. With a powerful cloud computing set up, it’s possible to turn as much power as possible to analyzing data and finding patterns.

Job Security

Ok, so this isn’t a job itself, but it is a point well worth noting. JavaScript is a widely used language with numerous applications in a variety of environments. This means that those with advanced JavaScript skills should have no trouble finding paid work. Whether this takes the form of a salaried position at a business or a freelancing business, JavaScript is a great way of paying the bills.

Learn Online

There are numerous websites out there now that make it easy to learn a programming language over the internet if you are willing to put in a couple of hours every day – you would be surprised how quickly you can get up and running with JavaScript. It might take a while until you are good enough to do it professionally, but you should be able to make basic programs within a few hours. Learn the Java programming online by taking up Simplilearn’s Java Certification Course.

Of all the programming languages out there that you can learn, Java is one of the most versatile and most dependable in terms of securing paid work. If you are considering a career that involves coding, consider JavaScript.


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