5 Cool Clothing Rack Styles to Revolutionise Your Clothing Shop

5 Cool Clothing Rack Styles to Revolutionise Your Clothing Shop

It doesn’t matter whether you own a high-end boutique, are a mass merchandiser, or sell discount apparel – to maximise profiles, you need to use a variety of retail clothing racks on the sales floor. The clothing shops that use a variety of styles and sizes of sales racks are the best able to showcase large amounts of apparel without it taking up too much space.

Not every type of clothes rack is just as good as the others. The racks that you want in your store should be visually appealing and capable of displaying your merchandise positively, so it makes your brand look good at the same time. Function is essential at foremost, so you want to use sturdy racks that will stand up to high traffic. The good news that there are many styles of racks that hold up well while excellently showcasing apparel, whether you’re selling for women, men, children, or all of the above.

Two-Way and Four-Way Clothes Racks

With two and four-way clothing racks, your customers can immediately take in the entire front of an outfit rather than just the upper half. If you invest in racks with waterfall-style arms, you can place emphasis on multiple pieces of clothing in different styles and colours which can be seen on two different sides. If you want to really spice things up, consider using both two-way and four-way racks on the sales floor for additional variety.

Circular Clothes Racks

Circular or round clothing racks are another great option. You may be familiar with this type of rack since it is the most commonly used option for displaying apparel. These racks are designed to allow you to show off a ton of inventory without taking up much space. The great thing about circular fashion racks is that they come in various finishes and diameters depending on your needs. These racks also fold up nicely when not being used.

Lingerie Racks

If your store has delicate apparel, the lingerie rack is the best option for putting it on display. This is a basic four-post frame that includes twist-on arms. Bras, panties, and other items are placed on a rack with space-saving features which allows you to double hang the apparel on hangers. Children’s wear also works well on these unique clothes racks.

Double Bar Clothing Racks

Double bar racks, also called box racks, are another useful choice for hanging apparel. These are a must for retailers in the fashion business. The most common use for these racks is to place large amounts of discounted apparel all in one place. Both the front and back rack can hold many garments at once.

Rolling Clothes Racks

Finally, the rolling clothing rack is another great option for your store. These racks can be used to easily switch out merchandise in your retail establishment. All you need to do is roll the racks into the store, change out the apparel, and then roll them back into your storage space. This makes it easy to switch out sales items when you are in a rush.

Check out your local shop fitting store, where there is a range of clothes racks and other shop fittings perfect for your clothing store.


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