5 Tips to Enhance Your Home Office This Summer

5 Tips to Enhance Your Home Office This Summer

Working from home often seems to have just about as many downsides as it does advantages. After all, when you are working in the same place that you normally rest, recuperate and generally do anything but work, it can be hard to be productive and work hard. You also have the many distractions of other family members and things like TV, games consoles and a kitchen full of food and drink. One particularly good way to improve just how productive you are when working at home is by having a home office.

When you have a space set out where just work and nothing else takes place, it can help make it easier to focus on the job at hand. That is your actual job. However, it may be that just having that space is not enough. When you originally decorated the home before you started working from there, it’s likely you decorated the whole place with a theme in mind. Now that you’re using a room as a home office, it needs to look and feel more like one. In the following post, we will offer 5 great tips for improving the look and feel of your home office space.

Treat Yourself to a Good Chair

One of the most crucial parts of your home office, like any other office, is the chair. After all, if you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting on your butt, you will want to make sure that you are comfortable. Having an uncomfortable chair that provides little to no support will not only prevent you from being as productive as you could be but may also cause serious health issues. So, investing in a good quality one made with an ergonomic design is a priority.

Keep Things Light and Unoppressive

Although you want your home office to look and feel like a place of work, you don’t want to try and mirror or echo every aspect of a traditional work area. Remember the reasons you had for working from home – convenience, peace, and quiet and being closer to your family. There are no rules that say you can’t decorate your home office so that it fits in with the rest of the décor of your home and that it’s a pleasant place to spend time in. In fact, we would recommend you do all you can to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible – within reason. You will look forward to working more if your work area is nice.

Add a Unique Touch

When decorating you should always put a little of yourself into the process. The same could be said for your home office. Following on nicely from the above, you could add an extra professional but unique touch to your office by making your own decorative decals. These could be fashioned using vinyl into just about anything The one thing we can say for certain is that if you want to follow this tip you’ll need a vinyl cutter.

Invest in a Second Monitor

Do you find the one screen a little restrictive? Now that you have your own home office, you could kit it out with some of the things you were unable to when you worked in a more traditional workplace. That includes investing in a second monitor. With a second monitor, there is a world of possibilities that open to you. You can just have them set so that they offer you a more detailed and wider version of your desktop and computer screen. That’s one option.

The other is to use them for separate functions. While one displays your desktop and browser, you could have the other monitor for more technical aspects of your work. Such as, if you are a graphic designer, one monitor could be used exclusively for displaying the software you are working with.

Setup a Second Phone Line

Don’t you just hate fielding non-work-related calls when you’re trying to concentrate on your work? You could change all that by having a second phone line and telephone setup that’s just for your business. That means while you are in your office and taking calls, you can be sure that they will only be from clients, customers, and business-related callers. It will also help with your home’s main landline as that will now just used for family, friends and non-business-related purposes. Helping to draw a line between the different sides to your life.


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