4 Unusual Ways to Use CBD Oil

4 Unusual Ways to Use CBD Oil

If you’re looking for a new way to get your daily dose of CBD oil, you’ve come to the right place. While the most common way to ingest CBD oil tinctures is by holding the oil under the tongue for several seconds before swallowing it, some people would rather combat their health issues by using CBD in different ways.

Why might you want to find a different administration route for CBD hemp oil?

  • You might not like the oil’s distinctly herbal flavor.
  • Before entering the bloodstream, CBD oil must pass through the digestive system. You may want to use it in a way that allows you to absorb CBD more quickly.
  • You may want to use CBD in a way that more directly addresses a specific issue. Taking oral CBD oil, for example, might not be the best way to combat acne.

You’re about to discover how amazingly versatile CBD oil is. First, though, let’s learn more about why CBD oil should interest you in the first place.

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is an extract from a type of hemp plant normally grown for its strong fibers and nutritious seeds. Unlike marijuana, industrial hemp contains virtually no THC and cannot get you high. However, it is rich in the cannabinoid CBD. It’s also legal to grow in all 50 states.

A great deal of medical research in recent years has focused on identifying the potential benefits of CBD, and studies have produced high-quality results for conditions such as seizures, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and chronic pain.

CBD oil has virtually no known side effects. In states where medical marijuana is illegal, CBD presents a potential alternative that anyone can buy. Even in states that do allow medical marijuana, though, many people use CBD anyway because it has no psychoactive properties. CBD doesn’t interfere with work, it doesn’t make you want to go to sleep and it should never cause a positive result in a drug test.

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Make a Topical CBD Lotion

Have you ever wished that you could use CBD directly on your skin? As it turns out, that’s actually quite easy to do. Oil mixes readily with oil, after all, and oil is the main component of any lotion. You can infuse any bottle of lotion with CBD simply by adding a few droppers of CBD oil and giving the bottle a good shake. Use your CBD-infused lotion to fight inflammation and keep your skin clear.

Have you tried making your own CBD-infused lotion? Did you like the results? Don’t stop there! You can also add CBD oil to your favorite shampoo or conditioner to give your hair and scalp a nice daily dose of CBD. Some people claim that CBD can improve hair softness and thickness. Some have even said that CBD can potentially combat baldness. To date, though, there have been no clinical studies evaluating CBD’s potential benefits for hair health.

Make Food From CBD Oil or CBD Isolates

Do you dislike the taste of CBD oil or wish that you didn’t have to hold it under your tongue for so long? No problem; use it as an ingredient in your food instead! When you add CBD to food, you won’t have to worry about having the distinctively herbal flavor of CBD in your mouth all day. On the other hand, holding CBD oil under your tongue before swallowing it helps your body absorb it more quickly. If you add CBD oil to food, you’ll absorb the majority of the CBD through your digestive system. It’ll take longer before the effects set in.

Are you curious about what CBD can do to spice up your culinary experience? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Substitute a small portion of the vegetable oil component of a brownie recipe with CBD oil. Bake the brownies as normal.
  • Add a little powdered CBD isolate to a candy or gelatin mixture. Allow the mixture to cool below 320 degrees Fahrenheit before adding the CBD.
  • Drizzle a bit of unflavored CBD oil over any finished dish. You might love the subtle herbal complexity that CBD oil adds, for example, to a high-quality steak.
  • Drizzle a flavored CBD oil over ice cream.
  • Add CBD oil to your favorite salad dressing.

When you experiment with CBD as a food ingredient, the one thing you must remember is that you can’t cook with it except in lower-temperature applications. CBD begins to vaporize at 320 degrees. If you sauté food in CBD oil, for example, all of the oil’s CBD content will boil away during the cooking process. Lower-temperature baking is fine because the interior of the food will never approach 320 degrees.

Use CBD Vape Juice

Do you have difficulty using CBD oil because it doesn’t provide the fast relief that you need? Some people have reported good results when using CBD to combat anxiety attacks and pain flare-ups. If you’re having a panic attack, though, you can’t wait two hours for relief from CBD oil. That’s why many people choose to inhale CBD instead; inhaled CBD can enter the bloodstream much more quickly than CBD consumed orally. You can’t, however, simply add plain CBD oil to any vape pen. The atomizer coils in e-liquid vape pens aren’t optimized for thick oils. You can vape CBD in two different ways.

  • You can buy an oil cartridge for your vape pen. An oil cartridge is designed to provide a good experience with CBD oil.
  • You can combine CBD oil with a vape additive containing propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. A vape additive thins the CBD oil and allows it to work in any standard vape tank.

Add CBD Oil to a Bath

What’s the next frontier for CBD? It might just be CBD bath bombs. People have reported great results when using CBD on the skin – so why not bathe in it and allow it to get absolutely everywhere? A few CBD sellers have begun to offer CBD bath bombs, but it’s also easy to make your own from powdered CBD isolate. Simply grab a bath bomb kit – they’re available at many major stores – and add CBD isolate to the dry portion of the mix. When the mix dries, you’ll have a CBD bath bomb that’s ready to use any time. You’ll love the way that the fizzy bath bomb makes your skin feel, and you’ll also love the fact that the bath bomb allows the CBD to reach every inch of your body.


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