What Things You Should Know About Drug Screening

What Things You Should Know About Drug Screening

Have you ever had a drug screening in your life? Sometimes in life, you will need to have some nevada drug testing  whether saliva or urine so that it can be established whether you have taken illegal drugs and what quantity.

Drug screening, a drug of abuse testing, substance abuse testing or a drug test is a test done using your saliva, urine, blood, sweat, and another biological specimen of your body. Drug screening is done to detect the presence of some illicit drugs.

Usually, when you use drugs, whether last night or on a weekend party, they remain in your urine, saliva, blood or even in your hair for sometimes before they can disappear. Once a drug screening is done on you, the results can show the kind of drugs you used and the quantity.

The most popular drugs tested for include but not limited to:

  • Cocaine
  • Opioids, including morphine, heroin, codeine, and hydrocodone
  • Marijuana
  • Steroids
  • PCP and more

What Circumstances Drug Testing May Be Required

There are many situations under which a drug test may be required where you will need to get tested by a drug testing company or a physician can come and test you at the place of work or even at your residence. The circumstances under which you may be required to go for drug abuse testing include:

Employment Requirements

Most companies prohibit drug use on the job, irrespective of your department or industry. Some companies will request all their employees to go for drug testing while some will not.

Usually, employers may request you to go for a drug test during the recruitment process and sometimes it may be a regular process to keep employees free from drugs on the job. Drug testing is in fact, important for most companies that deal with machines where employees are required to operate heavy and dangerous machines that need careful attention to operate. Sometimes an insurer will require their clients to be tested for drugs, especially during an accident where the insurer wants to ascertain that the accident was not a result of drug use.

Learning Institutions

No student is allowed to use drugs at school. For that reason, school authorities may require its students to go for drug testing to keep the learning environment drug-free. Drug testing in learning institutions helps to identify students who are using illicit drugs so that they can be assisted to stay away from them.

Sporting Requirements

Drug testing in sports is important to identify participants who are using drugs that stimulate their muscles during a high-level competition, especially during a marathon championship.

Athletes are said to be the most vulnerable people when it comes to drug use since they are said to enhance their performance. Once an athlete is found to have used drugs during a particular competition, he or she is disqualified from the competition and even banned completely.

During Probation Period

Sometimes the courts may require a person who has been prosecuted to be submitted to drug tests at various intervals to ensure the person does not take drugs when under probation.

Under such a circumstance, a person is required to have his urine tested for drug abuse to determine whether he has been adhering to the rules of the court of staying away from drugs.

Parents Requirements

Sometimes it’s not easy to determine whether your child is using drugs until when he is tested. Parents may want their child to go for urine drug testing to help them find ways to give their child the required treatment if it is found that he is using illicit drugs.

What Does the Process Entail?

During a drug test, you will be required to give samples; either blood, saliva, or urine. You will then give the samples to a medical technician who will then conduct the tests. In case you are required to give blood samples, you will need to go to the lab. A medical practitioner will take the blood sample from a vein in your arm using a needle and then take it for testing. It takes a few minutes to get your results.


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