8 Marketing Strategies For Promoting Your Writing in 2019

8 Marketing Strategies For Promoting Your Writing in 2019

Marketing strategies are always changing – which is good. Following up on relevant information is an important skill of any good writer.

Of course, we are all subconsciously the products of our time, but understanding the times we live in, the language we speak, and the needs we have – this makes for a good writer. And for a good marketing strategist as well.

1. Ebook

Ebooks are definitely nothing new but they’re increasingly growing in popularity and among the marketing communities as well. There are useful perks to ebooks. They allow the readers small previews. And they may come across these when browsing the internet for other info.

Ebooks are especially useful when it comes to many different ebook promotion strategies. Note that the Amazon website consists of several different platforms, which broadens the spread of your Amazon real estate.

2. Articles

These should be your works in a nutshell. They should be quick to catch the attention of the readers. Posting on high-quality article directories will make your articles more credible, as these cut down on spam and other low-quality content.

Be sure to always link back to your personal site, Amazon, or even give reference to your other articles.

3. Social Media

The first thing we think of when considering promoting our content is social media. But people have become more selective recently and are abandoning many of the social media. Leaving just the ones most suited to them.

So don’t end up being the jack of all trades and master of none. Think of your target audience and see what platform they usually rely on. Then become knowledgable of the way promoting on that platform works and maximize its potential.

4. Brand

It’s an ongoing debate about whether brand marketing is still a relevant strategy or not. It’s safe to say that this is surely a good strategy although it’s changing in itself. Having a brand is something like picking your genre. It is the face you put up for the audience.

Creating an appealing form doesn’t just make your recognizable, but also comprehensible and coherent. People don’t want to put effort on their way to try and understand you, but it is you who has to reach out to them, in a quick, appealing, and immediate way.

5. Video

More people are turning to short, multimedia forms when seeking information. Making short topical videos, giving cues from small inserts from your books can get you lots of views and overall publicity.

Have people share these videos, or even have them create the content based on the texts you provide them with. Be sure to always link these to your website and to other videos.

6. Outreach

This is similar to knowing your readers. Reaching out to other bloggers, vloggers, writers to promote your work is an excellent strategy, as they already have their fan base, people who trust their judgment.

Having someone vouch for you and put in a good word has always been an important strategy, but now it’s done in a more effective way. Just be sure that you found the right niche for your work.

7. Agency Sites

Hiring an agency can truly be a shortcut, as having a middleman do the work for you will save a lot of time and energy that can help you focus on what you really wanted to do in the first place.

For some of you, promoting may be more of a bother than a challenge. And although it has its perks, this way you can guarantee that you will get what you paid for.

8. Fans and Newsletters

Reader-response was an important theory back in the 20th century, but now it is more literal as well. Your readers give you meaning as a writer. And you should always try to stay in touch with the current audience.

Newsletters are the most direct way of doing this. It gives you the chance to stay attuned to your readers, even by allowing one-on-one communication. This is especially helpful for indie writers.

8 Marketing Strategies For Promoting Your Writing in 2019 feedback

The bad news is, you can’t just go for the one strategy you feel comfortable with. It is necessary that you try different options. This means the old-fashioned way as well. Luckily, with sites such as Be-published.com, publishing is made easier than ever before.


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