3 Things to Consider When Having Eyelid Surgery

3 Things to Consider When Having Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is arguably one of the most popular procedures owing to its many benefits. These surgeries can have dramatic effects on your general appearance and overall vision improvement. This article gives an overview of what you should know about them.

1) Details of the Procedure

Unlike most of the surgical procedures, eyelid surgeries provide tons of options depending on other health conditions and the shape of your eyes. The first type is the upper eyelid surgery. This is the ideal option when looking to improve vision loss and general appearance resulting from the normal aging process or genetics. From its name, one can easily tell that this procedure primarily focuses on the upper eyelid. Lower lid surgery, on the other hand, focuses on the lower lid and is the procedure of choice for the removal of wrinkles in the skin, improving appearance as well as correction of baggy eyes.

The last on this list is the double eyelid surgery. This procedure entails the creation of a crease in the upper lid that creates a wider large-looking eye. Out of the three eyelid surgical procedures, double surgery has increasingly gained popularity in East Asia and is currently the most referenced procedure in relation to blepharoplasty as a whole. Considering the variation in eyelid procedures based on people’s specific needs, it would be wise to deal with true experts. One such reliable platform worth checking out for more information on these procedures is https://www.dorow-clinic.de/oberlidstraffung-schlupflider/.

2) Possible Side Effects

Different surgical procedures come with their potential complications, and eyelid surgery is no exception. Therefore, before opting for one, you will want to know the exact complications you can expect and their severity. One thing to note is that it takes significant time before the benefits of the eyelid surgery become apparent.

The potential side effects may range from scarring to bruising as well as swelling of the eye. You may also experience temporary vision loss and blindness that should remedy themselves within one day. Other complications such as ocular discomfort, itching, and dryness can be managed by eye drops and other medications.

3) Cost

It might not be a lifetime investment, but you will want to know what the exact cost for eyelid surgery will be. It should be mentioned that the cost of eyelid surgery is never constant. It largely varies depending on several factors such as the region of the country, the type of surgeon, the facility where the procedure is performed, the surgeon’s subspecialty, and the extent of the surgical procedure needed.

The simplest procedure such as addressing both the upper lids without removing fat may cost $2000. Complex procedures such as performing surgery on all the four lids with the removal of the protruding fat, on the other hand, may cost as much as $5000. Remember these are just an estimate of the surgeon’s fees so you may also pay different charges such as those for an in-office operating suite. Even with an insurance cover, you may still pay extra fees if you want your doctor to go beyond the limits for maximum vision improvement.


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