5 Tips on How to Blend TV into the Part of Your Home Decor

5 Tips on How to Blend TV into the Part of Your Home Decor

The television plays an essential role in the lives of many people. Usually, we have our TV located in our living room, bedroom and sometimes in the kitchen. It is where the family gathers when there is a Sunday evening, or you need to relax after a long working day. The television will then take much of the attention in the room and can quickly look heavy and slightly clumsy.

Although the television producers are extremely good at designing televisions that are as elegant and stylish as possible, a television that stands alone can seem a little cold. Fortunately, if you want more warmth in your interior, or if you want to blend your TV into your existing decor, you can easily do it if you follow a few simple tips.

1. Decorate a wall with pictures

An image wall is incredibly personal and will therefore perfectly match any home. Therefore, you can easily integrate your television with a wall decorated with pictures. To get the best results, you shouldn’t make the picture wall around the tv, as it will quickly appear stiff and heavy. Therefore, think of the television as a picture, and you will achieve a much better result.

To reach the best composition, you can choose a few larger frames for your pictures. Be sure that they match the color of your television so the device won’t appear entirely out of proportion. Also, use some pictures in other sizes and colors to create a little more dynamic.

2. Use plants to decorate the space around your TV

Regardless of the place, plants perfectly become part of any decor. Thus, it is always good to have some plants in our home. Flowers and bushes create life and give the house a completely different upgrade, which can’t be achieved in other ways. Therefore, it is obvious to have a few plants standing on the TV table next to the television. You can easily find various TV tables available on the market that will fit into your style and meet your expectations. You can advantageously have a plant that is larger than the television if you want to remove the main focus from the tv. You can also opt for having a few plants hanging from the ceiling. This will create more air, but at the same time blend the television into the plants. Be creative!

3. Paint the wall

If your television is hanging on a wall, it may be obvious to paint the wall the same color. A dark color will cause the tv to look smaller, as it is the appearance of the wall that comes into focus. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a completely black wall, but if you choose a grey or brownish paint, it will create a background perfectly matching your tv. 

4. Use the cable ropes

To make the television dazzle as much as possible, it is a good idea to acquire a pair of cable ropes that can store the wires away. Choose a cable rail that matches the color of the wall so that it’s not the one that jumps in the eyes.

5. Can you somehow hide your satellite dish and the whole satelliteTV installation?

Well, it can be challenging to hide the entire satellite TV installation. However, if you choose the qualified technicians, such as aerial installers in London, they will do their best to fit the whole TV installation to your house appearance.

To sum up

Fitting TV installation into the appearance of your house can be difficult. However, it is entirely possible. Everything you need to do is just use your imagination and ask well-qualified professionals for advice.


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