5 Ways to Spruce up Pool Area

5 Ways to Spruce up Pool Area

After the long winter months, your swimming pool took a bit of a beating. Now that it’s spring you have just enough time to get your swimming pool ready for summer. If you’ve already checked off the tedious task of post-winter pool maintenance it might be time to remodel the pool area. Lucky for you, we have ideas ready that are sure to add some much-needed flair to your swimming pool.

     1. Light it up

Summer is the season of pool parties that range from intimate to downright wild and crazy. Whichever you’re prepared to host, any party is sure to be a good time with fun and playful lighting. Go for underwater led lights and watch the pool water transform from one vibrant hue to another. Some ambient lighting around the pool deck is sure to set the mood. If you’re not into fixed lighting, let glowing pool orbs float and drift along the water. This simple addition can turn your pool area into a visual attraction.


     2. Add or Update Pool Fencing

5 Ways to Spruce up Pool Area

We often overlook the pool fencing when it comes to the overall look of the area. We can’t blame you when the main purpose of fencing is safety. But neglecting the outdated fencing can be a big mistake these can really take away from a gorgeous swimming space. Keep your pool area looking fresh and modern as it should be with updated fencing. Go for clear or frosted borderless glass. If you aren’t a fan of glass around the pool, opt for metal beams lined simply and elegantly lined up along the area. This is where style and safety go in harmony.

     3. Go Seamless and Stylish

5 Ways to Spruce up Pool Area

Gone are the days of mixing and matching materials for the pool deck and coping. Varying materials can look busy and overdone. If you want the pool area to look effortless while still oozing with style then seamless is the way to go. Achieve a seamless look by keeping the material, color, pattern, and texture of the deck and coping continuous. This gives the entire swimming pool area a really good visual flow. This especially applies to those who love their spaces looking chic and modern.

     4. Lounge Around

Lazy summer days are fast approaching and as the heat turns up, you’ll want to chill near the pool. For days like that, it’s essential to have a lounging space with plenty of shade to cool you down. Adding hardscapes like a gazebo or a pergola paired with outdoor furniture is a great way to do so. Play with pattern and texture plus get creative with bursts of color to celebrate summer. Lounge space is great for inviting friends over while you enjoy a refreshing sip of your favorite tropical cocktails.

     5. Refinish the Pool Deck

5 Ways to Spruce up Pool Area

If you don’t want to go too grand with general remodeling, pool deck refinishing is a great option. It’s a subtle way to breathe life back to the entire pool area. It will reverse the effects of outdoor weather exposure and normal wear and tear. It will also keep a stamped or stained pool deck in pristine condition. You’ll be surprised how the look of your entire pool area will be elevated by quality refinishing services.



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