7 Best Examples of Cannabis Branding

7 Best Examples of Cannabis Branding

For many years, cannabis brands never felt any need for professional branding until now when many nations have legalized it.

Those having been in this business have always counted on the default cannabis logo— its leaf. But now things have changed. In this article, we are going to put forth some innovative cannabis branding along with packaging designs.

The industry is booming. It simply means a rise in demand for effective branding. Many parts of the USA legalized the weed for recreational and medical purposes.

A few months ago, Canada allowed it for the same purpose. It also became the second country (first is Uruguay) in the world to legalize smoking pot.

How to Create Cannabis Branding?

Whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur looking to get into the cannabis sector or a designer searching some cool cannabis logo designs, you are at the right place.

We have created a list of seven best examples of brands undertaking cannabis branding for you to take some inspiration. But before that let’s do some facts checking.

Marijuana sector is booming. By 2021, the retail sales of legalized cannabis products are expected to reach $12.7 billion.

The legalization in many nations and states has given rise to many marijuana-based businesses. Healthcare and recreational or leisure markets are the two sectors in which marijuana-based businesses are emerging fast. Before designing anything to promote your products, organize your ideas and create a brand strategy first.

There are various businesses you can kick off around cannabis. Like any other business, this too needs a solid marketing plan to be put in place.

Types of weed businesses you can kick off—

  • Cannabis cultivation
  • Concentrate companies
  • Cannabis dispensaries
  • Cannabis accessories
  • Edible companies
  • Cannabis apparel  and more

The effort over here is focused on breaking the traditional but not-so-good stoner image. It’s also focused on making these products acceptable, respectable, and accessible. 

Creative agencies with freelancers are being hired to create unique brand identities for every type of marijuana products.

Branding these products is a challenging task, especially smashing the social stigma attached to it.

Still, many brands have managed to break the taboo and attract people’s attention. Here are some of them.

1. Marley Natural

This brand is more than a heap of four herbs. It is a complete lifestyle brand offering body care items featuring hemp seed and an assortment of high-end smoking accessories made of black walnut.

The recreational herbalist has a lion symbol with its wordmark. The name of the brand reflects Bob Marley- who himself was a fan of weed.

Seattle based creative agency Heckler Associates do its attention-grabbing logo and packaging design.

2. Leafs by Snoop

It, as the name implies, deals with Snoop Dogg’s marijuana products. Pentagram undertook the responsibility of creating its brand identity as well as packaging.

Leafs by Snoop is perhaps the best cannabis brand in the United States.

The brand has put forth shatter packaging design that with leaf based logo looks distinctive. The lavish weed boxes provide a high-end look and luxurious feel. This brand is an apt example of stunning branding in an industry like marijuana.

It is not just the logo that has the visual appeal, but also the packaging.

3. Wana Edibles

According to Wana Edibles, the sensible use of marijuana is a healthy experience. Using the products of Wana is the best way to relish cannabis without being high. As far as branding is concerned, it follows a no-nonsense design pattern. Its clean and clinical look gives the brand decency.

As the brand’s tagline focuses on “Enhance your life,” it depicts professionalism, quality, and consistency with innovation.

4. Kiva Confections

The brand came into existence to create edible cannabis products that would be healthy and consumable. The brand teamed up with specialist chocolatiers as well as cultivators to introduce award-winning cannabis chocolate collection.

It showcases a vintage style capturing the brand’s chic connoisseur side. The San Francisco based agency MINE took the branding responsibility to reflect its sophisticated cannabis edibles. 

5. The Goodship Company

It’s the brand known for bringing most decadent baked goods, chocolates, and confectionery items made of cannabis. The brand is focused on items that combine the goodness of marijuana with a delicious touch.

The logo uses contemporary illustrations such as ships to enhance its visual appeal. The company sells high-quality cannabis-based products to more than hundred recreational cannabis stores in and around Washington.

6. Apothecanna

All the products at Apothecanna are created with natural and nutritious ingredients that soothe the body along with the senses. The company focuses on spreading the knowledge of traditional plant-based medicine.

Its skincare items come in clean, modern and professional packaging. The names of the products are based on their effects. Each of them has a distinct color coding that helps the prospects identify which items are right for their purpose.

7. Défoncé Chocolatier

The chocolates of Défoncé Chocolatier featuring cannabis are fast becoming a delicacy. It’s chocolate bars range from Chocolate Matcha Bar in White to Mint and even Coffee flavors. Each of the bars includes about 90 mg THC. However, those who are looking for microdoses, it can be divided into 5 milligrams servings.

The brand has nature-inspired farming as well as extraction procedure. The employees of the company include veterans from big names like Apple.

As far as product branding is concerned, it comes in paper wrapping boxes. The chocolate bars vary in colors as per the taste. The brand name features bold typography with flavor designed in light typography for visual appeal.


Cannabis is no longer a stoner’s magic potion. They are now available for ordinary consumers too. However, to break the taboo surrounding them, brands are focused on introducing cannabis-inspired products with creative weed logos. It not only adds visual appeal to the products but also helps consumers see the products worth purchasing.

We have seen cannabis use earlier in tshirt printing. But now, the green leaf has become logos of many brands in creative ways of course!

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