Few Tips On How To Get Perfect Red Lips

Few Tips On How To Get Perfect Red Lips

Lipstick has always been the most classic and essential piece of makeup that has made statements on many celebs and fashion runway models. It’s more like a go-to make for every girl that quickly pull the look together. And when it comes to the wearing red lipstick, it’s the real deal that can give you a quintessential attractive look.

Just a swipe of red can instantly glam up your look and make it flattering.  Besides, it looks fantastic on every skin tone and can perfectly go with your casual to bold avatars.

But, while red lipstick has been a staple cosmetic for years, not everyone knows how to carry it perfectly and how to master the art with perfection. So, if you are struggling to master the art of wearing red lipstick, here are some tips to help you:

First, Find Your Red!

Red comes in various shades, but the shade that will suit you depends on your skin tone. To find that, test the shade by applying in inside your wrist. If your wrist veins are blue, you have a cool undertone, and greener veins tell that you have warm undertones. However, if you don’t know, you have mixed or neutral shades.

  • For Warm Tone Girls:   Orange-red would look perfect on these girls
  • Cool Undertone: Girls with pink,  reddish tints of skin should go for blush red lipstick
  • Neutral Color Skin:  Dark red would be more flattering for such girls

Grab all essentials to master the art of applying lipstick and hands on the right tools! Here’s what you will need:

  • A  Lip Balm to Nourish your lips
  • Your favorite Red Lipstick
  • A Lip Liner to define the edges
  • Angled Brush for perfect  fil
  • Loose Powder to blend the extra color
  • Tissue Paper/blotting paper to get off the excess color

Apply Like A Professional:

Moisturize it first! To avoid chapped lips, bring some moisture and make your lips feel nourished.  Do not hesitate to hydrate your lips even if you have oily, combination or sensitive skin. And pay extra attention, if you are a dry skin girl.

Wipe It!

After applying lip balm and letting it absorb into your skin, wipe off the excess from the lips. Keeping the extra lips blam or moisturizer on the lips will make the color look tacky and extra shiny. Besides, you end up with the color that is something else.

Liners Are To Define The Look:

It is recommended to use an excellent Mattifying lip liner to avoid getting bleedy looking lips. Choose the one that compliments the color of lipstick shade or pick the one from the Runway Rogue to give your collection a pop.

Moreover,  if you are not a person who wants to use a hell lot of products for just a lipstick, you can totally skip it and use an angled brush. Outline your lips with the brush as you would do with the lip liner and you are good to go! To get maximum from your lips, consider quick procedures like lip fillers in Kent.

Pick Your Texture:

No two lip shades are created similar, so pick the one that compliments your face. From retro to glossy, the options are endless.  These are some options you can look: 

  • Matte:  These colors come with no shine, but give intense coverage.
  • Glossy:   Make your lips look fuller with glossy colors.
  • Satin: It’s a semi-matte color that is not too shiny nor flat.
  • Stain:  For natural lips, go for the sheer stain colors
  • Frost:  With color, you will get shimmer in this tone.

Application Of Red Lipstick

Grab your tools, the color of your lipstick and apply it with perfection! 

Nothing makes you look more flattering than a red lipstick! However, not everyone feels it comfortable to wear. Keep up with the above tips and slay your red lips like a pro! 


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