The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Tincture Dosage

tincture dosage

More and more people have switched over to medical cannabis from their prescription medications. Medical cannabis grows in popularity for both homeopathic aficionados and average people alike.

It seems like every day someone else tells you how awesome medical cannabis tinctures are. A survey in 2018 found that at least 3,514,510 Americans have certified to use medical cannabis!

But how do you know how much to use? How will the tincture make you feel?

Don’t worry, we put together a quick guide to help you out if you’re a beginner. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about medical cannabis tinctures and tincture dosage.

What Is a Medical Cannabis Tincture?

A tincture is an oil extracted from the marijuana plant using alcohol. The THC and other cannabinoids dissolve into the alcohol and often come in a bottle with a dropper cap.

Tinctures come in a wide variety of strengths and flavors. Some tinctures have high levels of THC and give strong psychoactive effects. Other tinctures with high CBD content pack a medicinal punch without making you feel buzzed.

Benefits of Medical Cannabis Tinctures

With so many options of medical cannabis routes of administration, what makes tinctures so great? There are 3 main benefits of using a tincture.

1. It’s easy to know you’re getting the right dose every time

2. There’s no smell or telltale equipment needed to use it

3. You feel the effects faster than edibles

Keep in mind that each company will add their own blend of cutting agents and carrier oils. Be sure to do your research and look for quality medical cannabis cbg and hemp tinctures.

How to Use a Tincture and the Correct Tincture Dosage

There’s no one size fits all answer to dosing tinctures. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system reacts in different ways when trying new medical cannabis products.

Try taking about 1ML or 20 drops of the tincture under your tongue. You should feel effects in about 15-20 minutes, but give it an hour or two before increasing the dose.

The main idea to keep in mind is to start with a low dose and increase your dose as slow as you can. You will develop resistance over time and you don’t want to speed up that process by taking bigger doses than you should.

Medicate the Natural Way and Feel Better Today!

Though medical cannabis has many healing benefits, mother nature isn’t an exact science. The only way to find out if it will work for you is to give it a shot.

If tinctures don’t quite do it for you or if you can’t stand the taste, you can look at other medical cannabis routes of administration. Also, make sure you know about your local medical cannabis laws before buying any medical cannabis products.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about medical cannabis tinctures and tincture dosage. If you’re looking for more fascinating articles about home tips and lifestyles, check out the rest of our blog today!


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