Top 5 things to do in Pune

Top 5 things to do in Pune

Pune is a city of historic significance and representative of the Great Marathas in India. A flourishing, lively and vibrant cosmopolitan city, Pune is one of the top-notch tourist destinations in India. The city is also referred by a number of names as “The Queen of Deccan” or “The Oxford and Cambridge of India”. The location, culture, history, and heritage have come up with a possibly rare combination to what the world knows as Pune. Here pops list of the top five must to do things whilst in Pune.

     1. Float atop water at Diamond Water Park:

Amongst all the water parks in Pune, this park is an astounding place to hang out either with kids, ménage or friends. The park has a lot to proffer to the tourists. There are about thirty-two water slides, water rides, body slides, amusing games and activities, seven huge wave pools, etc. Seek out the Lazy River pool and float on the top of the water, letting the ripples wash away all the stress. The Family Play Stations, Octopus, Rain dance and wet bubbles are a perfect choice to spend some quality time with your beloved.Grab your swimming costumes and headway right now to the water park.

     2. Affordable shopping at Hong Kong Lane:

A vacation does not come to an end without shopping and Pune totally understands this emotion. The Hong Kong Lane, amongst all other markets in Pune, is a one-stop point for the shoppers to halt by. Clothes, bags, accessories, and make-up products of local and international brands can be checked upon here. That’s not all; you can also look at a variety of shoes, books, junk jewelry, and many more too. The shopping hub is well-known for its imported-foreign goods and for price unbelievably affordable. You must definitely go for Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok products, for you might not find a deal for these brands better than this market.

     3. Gain insights about the Aga Khan Palace:

This magnificent structure was built by the famous historical figure Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan. Amongst the most valued historical landmark of India, this palace was bestowed in the service of The Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, his family, secretary, and Sarojini Naidu. This was contributed to the famous figures while a national movement was going on so that it can be used for the national cause. Kasturba Gandhi and Gandhi’s secretary left their mortals here. The Italian arches embellished with lush green gardens and majestic halls displaying pictures of freedom fighters are absolutely remarkable.

     4. Look through the exquisite wall paintings at Shaniwar Wada:

The Shaniwar Wada in Pune was once the throne of the Peshwas of the Maratha kingdom. It was fire from unknown sources that suddenly broke out inside the fort that left the seven-storeyed building in ruins. The monument was reconstructed in later years to preserve the historical value of this magnificence. The tourists are welcomed inside through the main entrance DilliDarwaza. The palace halls are completely made of teak wood with exquisitely ornamented with wall paintings, chandeliers, artworks illustrating scenes from the Hindu epics and floors made of polished high-quality marble. You can also witness the scenes of Bajirao Mastani shot at the palace.

     5. Watch a plethora of colors at the Peacock Bay:

This place is renowned for the large population of pride peacocks habituating here. There is a beautiful lake formed from Khadakwasla dam water which is said to be owned by the National Defense Academy. This lake is the main site for many water training programs, equipment training, skiing, surfing, boating, and whaler skills that are provided to the cadets. The serene and calm picturesque beauty of the surrounding area, the versatile flora and fauna, and the freshness in the air are stupendous.

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