Why Dyson Animal 2 Total Clean is the best vacuum cleaner?

Why Dyson Animal 2 Total Clean is the best vacuum cleaner?

One of the highly qualified and engineered upright vacuum cleaners in the market is Dyson Animal 2 Total Clean that keeps way pet fur and debris. It has a strong and powerful suction in addition with comprehensive tool array that dish out all the dirt and debris away. Know everything about the Dyson animal 2 cleaner in this article.

What is it?

The Dyson ball animal 2 total clean vacuum cleaner is basically a bagless upright cleaner, with two cord and flexible cleaning hoses. They are usually heavy and large units that are durable and strong. The Dyson ball technology is responsible for general design, and swivel mechanism and it can be easily maneuverable.

It is best known that main cleaning nozzle cannot reach places such as under sofas and beds. It has flexible hose as well as cleaning attachment that would help in cleaning surfaces like the floor. The Dyson ball animal 2 total clean have weight up to 17.5 pounds i.e. 7.9 Kg. they are far lighter and it can be carried easily from one location to another inside home. The center of gravity is generally low and mass rests well on the floor.

The physical dimension with height x width x length is 107x39x34 cm or 42.1×15.4×13.4 inches. The Dyson animal 2 total clean gets powered using 10.7 m or 35 feet. It has a long power cord that can be used to take the vacuum cleaner anywhere. The large cleaning radius allows the user to adjust using the wall socket. They can be further used to clean up the elevated surfaces and the flexible cleaning hose has increased up to 15.2 m or 50 feet.

The specific design of the Dyson animal 2 total vacuum cleaner also offers power cord that can be used as a rewind system and it can be used to wrap cable hooks. The units are impressive enough to achieve maximum suction. It has 306 air watts that make it a strong vacuum.

The dirt bin capacity of Dyson animal 2 total vacuum cleaners is around 0.55 gal and it can be used to vacuuming large houses as well as apartments. The dirt bins can be emptied easily with no interruption. The dirt bin is generally transparent that means you can view the dirt present inside it. The amount of dirt will enable you to know when it should be emptied. It can be emptied easily through the bottom.

The cyclonic dirt and air separation help in achieving air filtration. The filters are all washable and it has a long lasting design that can be used lifetime. The HEPA vacuum cleaner captures at least 99.97% particles of dust that are in the range of 0.3 microns.

They are a versatile vacuum cleaner that is expensive, and large enough to execute the task successfully. You can read the instructions from the manual and get an accustomization to the new vacuum.

The Dyson animal 2 total vacuum cleaner is available in various cleaning attachment that is essential for apartment and cleaning. An additional attachment like carbon fiber dusting brush, articulating floor tool, multi-angle brush, tool bag, reach under tool, mattress tool and other this as well.

Main cleaning head contributes immensely to its mechanism working. It can be designed in such a way that it makes self-adjusting easy. The brush can be rotated thoroughly and it can even penetrate under the carpet thus removing pet hair, pollen, dust, and other dirt that are stubborn. It has wrapped fiber around the brushes which makes the cleaning more easily. The brush can be positioned in such a way that it allows its user to view all the actions.

Some of the notable features of Dyson animal 2 total vacuum cleaners are strong, large, a durable vacuum that is important.

What is meant by deep total clean-?

Why Dyson Animal 2 Total Clean is the best vacuum cleaner?

It is powerful and allergen-trapping suction that is solely worked through the Dyson animal 2 total vacuum cleaner technology. The head of cleaning has features that automatically raises as well as lowers thus creating suction for the floor. It also has an automatic height adjustment that can be shifted on the hard floor as well as deep pile carpet. It can boast suction that is strong enough to take all the dirt away from the carpet. They are generally operated through motorized brush bar. It can remove loosen mud, debris, and fur. It offers superior maneuverability that makes navigation around furniture easier and it can remove dirt around the corners. You can empty the dust bin through pressing a single button.

The Dyson animal 2 total vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wand that can be released so as to achieve cobwebs as well as underneath furniture so as to stray dust and crumbs. It also has additional tools that make use of available space inside your home. Some of the tools incorporated are-

  • Articulating floor tool- this tool can be easily used to remove the fine dust from the floor or baseboard
  • Combination tool- this tool can be used for removing the dust from the furniture and sofa
  • Multi-angle brush– this tool enables the removal of dust from tall furniture, door casing, as well as other places
  • Stair tool- this tool is very much effective as it will remove debris from the stairs
  • Reach under tool- this tool is capable of removing dust and dirt because it is highly flexible and it can bend easily. You can eliminate dust from tight spaces and in between appliances.


Every cent you pay on the Dyson animal 2 total vacuum cleaner is worth as it is known to be the best upright. It offers excellent suction, various cleaning tools, long reach, and maneuver that can transverse floor types very well. The impressive performance will take your heart away when you got to see the floor clean. The most common dirt type is pet hair, debris, and tiny particles of dust. It also has a tool storage bag that means the tools presented can be stored. So, if you wish to get it then do buy it online at affordable price.


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