The Versatility Of A Sweatshirt: How To Be Toasty In Style?

The Versatility Of A Sweatshirt: How To Be Toasty In Style?

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It was the 70s, Hip-hop had taken over the world and sweatshirts were the new “cool” for almost everyone. Hooded sweatshirts became the symbol of style all around the world and then they never went back.

Today, sweatshirts (hood or no hood) have become the ultimate comfort clothing to snuggle into on a cold day, a sick day or even for a party because you just can’t go wrong with them.

However, there are some ideas you can practice to enhance your sweatshirt look to the next level. So instead of throwing on a comfy sweat for every occasion, make a statement with some simple style alterations and you’re good to go.

Let’s see some.

Dressy-dress – Smart Casual

A sweatshirt is probably the only sportswear that can pass of smart clothing. So if you have the opportunity to flaunt it, take it.

If you are a “smart casuals” guy, a sweatshirt can become a part of your daily wear seamlessly. Pick up a plain (no logos) piece in a neutral colour which is not baggy and fits you in a smart way.

Pair your sweatshirt with chinos or tapered denim with loafers or derby and you’re ready to make an impression.

You can also layer it with blazers or a hip bomber jacket.

Dressing down – Athleisure

If your sweatshirts are on the baggier side of the spectrum, you can pull them off as great loungewear. Oversized sweatshirts are not only comfortable but also pass as daring sportswear adding to your style.

Wear it as a layer over plain t-shirts and a pair of denim or joggers with sneakers and you’re good to rock your day look.

Another way to go for comfy, oversized sweatshirts is matching them with the bottoms having the brand logo printed in a huge size and covering the entire ensemble. However, this requires massive amounts of confidence (and bravery) to carry and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so choose wisely.

The Versatility Of A Sweatshirt: How To Be Toasty In Style?

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Going Formal

This might sound like a totally bizarre way to wear a hoodie but the fashion police approves a sweatshirt for offices and even for important client meetings.

Pick up a seemingly tailored sweatshirt (Yes, even a hoodie), wear it over a formal button-down shirt or a plain t-shirt and put on a suit. So tear up the rule book, as you know it, slide into your best brogues and there you have it – a bold, intriguing look for your next client meeting.

The Versatility Of A Sweatshirt: How To Be Toasty In Style?

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Go Rogue (with a leather jacket)

You have seen it all now, from leisure to formal, but what about that road trip? Because we vouch for sweatshirts with stylish leather jackets to make you stand out in all your outing pictures.

This classic, timeless look can be thrown on anytime you want to feel comfortable without compromising on style.

We are not talking about the sweatshirts with your favourite band’s print or a not-so-subtle brand logo embroidery; you are not in your angsty teenage years anymore. Rather, a simple and appropriately fitting sweatshirt worn with your most comfortable pair of pants and sneakers. And you can easily carry this look with a leather jacket on top.

The Versatility Of A Sweatshirt: How To Be Toasty In Style?

Source: Pinterest


We talk in favour of sweatshirts. Whoever wants to let go of this perfect style of clothing in their sane minds, after all? And after knowing that your favourite sweatshirts can be worn on virtually every occasion, we understand, it is even harder to not go on hoarding more hoodies. So, go on trying more sweats, because any style that you pick, we have got a look for you.


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