6 Reasons Why Africa Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

6 Reasons Why Africa Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

The ancient remains of modern humans were found in South Africa. Yes, that’s right. Some people say that all human beings originated from South Africa, and in this country of pristine natural areas, you cannot help but come alive as you reconnect with a powerful force of life that fills every corner of the country.

Being the only country where you can find grasslands, deserts, wetlands, subtropical forests, cliffs and mountains – all in one, South Africa is a magical land that should be on your travel bucket list. Here’s a list of some more enticing reasons to plan a visit to the country of vibrant cultures.

  1. Pristine Wilderness and Biodiversity 

    The country is abundantly rich in wildlife and nature. It has done well to protect areas of spectacular natural beauty, from the indigenous forest like Tsitsikamma, wetlands, Drakensberg mountains and miles of pristine beaches, to the vast safari parks of Kruger National Park and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserves.A holiday to South Africa is a safari, beach and mountain holiday – all of them in just one trip. The commitment to conservation and the safety in national and provincial parks is inspiring. One of the best things about South Africa is the ease with which you can escape the crowds to find spaces of silence and solitude.

  2. Rich Cultural Heritage 

    South Africa is known for celebrating diverse local and international culture and prides on being the best in food and architecture from around the world.  From Morocco’s b’stilla to African ‘potjie’ meals, Africa has a variety of exquisite foods. The country has all that takes to dazzle its visitors. You can stay in rondavels, or treehouse nested in an indigenous forest, or a colonial style safari tent, or a stunning golf accommodation.The country tolerant of a wide range of cultural expressions gives you the opportunity to dress as you please. Whether you want to stumble out of bed in pyjamas and slipper or you want to dress like the locals, it all quickly becomes about an elephant lumbering down the road.

  3. More Bang For Your Money 

    Live life king size! Take advantage of the weak South African currency, Rand, to experience luxury at affordable prices. Here, you can shop as much as you can and afford ‘milk and honey’ without breaking your bank. You may travel in luxury on a fraction of the cost of many other countries, enjoying blissful baths, spas and world-class pampering of all kinds.

  4. Beautiful Cities 

    With its mountains and vibey international culture, the Iconic Cape Town offers everything for everyone. Booking a hike up Table Mountain, driving along spectacular coastlines and visiting national botanic gardens will always leave you wishing you had booked to stay in the Mother City a bit longer.The largest city of South Africa, Johannesburg is a melting pot of cultures – full of world-class art, splendid architecture and a transport hub from which you can easily access other parts of the country. Duhan will inspire you with its local artistic design while infusing you with tropical relaxation.

  5. Beaches Perfect for Swimming and Surfing 

    The country is home to the best urban beaches in the world with diving/ snorkelling spots. Most South African beaches have white or golden sand which is stretch for miles and miles. The country is a home to warm oceans, gentle swimming beaches, walking beaches and scenic Wild Coast beaches.Cape Town beaches are always full of swimmers and surfers. Most of these beaches are dotted with vibrant cafes and restaurants where you can go for good food and drinks. Go windsurfing, kayaking, kite surfing, deep sea diving or angling. Do not forget to take plenty of spare camera batteries with you as you will find yourself snapping way too many photos of the scenic sunset and stunning beach landscape.

  6. Adventurous Activities 

    The locals in South Africa are sports mad – indulging in plenty of fun activities. You will find a range of fun outdoor activities to suit every interest.The country is the hottest destination for twitchers, and birdwatching is the most famous African pursuit. Many adventurous activities and tours are guided by locals who combine fascinating scenery with detailed information about history and nature.


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