Making School More Comfortable For You

Making School More Comfortable For You

Let’s go over a few questions: How was your schooling experience? Now, as an adult, what do you look back on and grimace? How do you approach education in the modern day and age, whether you’re in an apprenticeship, or you’ve taken yourself off to university? Was it a comfortable time in your life, that you loved and appreciated? Maybe not…

But remember, a school doesn’t always have to be this rigid system you once knew when you were a kid, where you had to sit and listen for 6 hours of the day, and not do much else. Nowadays, it can be a far more positive and immersive experience, where you can really flex your chatty muscles! And not only that, but there are more subjects out there now for people to study, so you have a much better chance of chasing down your true passions.

Now, doesn’t that just sound all comfy? Let’s think about how to make yourself more comfortable in an educational setting below.

So maybe blankets and candles don’t fit into an educational environment, but you do deserve to feel comfortable with how you learn! (Source)

Make Sure You Know Your Classmates

School is a lot more comfortable when we’re surrounded by people we know, and were able to team up and chat casually with them whenever we want. And ultimately, it’s a lot healthier to have friends in your educational classes, to give you another level of investment, and to make sure you’re enjoying school all at the same time.

So friend them on Facebook, get involved in student groups and make regular posts, have a night in or out for just you and your roommate who’s studying the same subject, etc. It’s a lot easier to get socially involved than you might think!

Try Using the Net

We all have access to the internet, whether we have our own wifi source, or we regularly head on down to a public wifi space and log in with a phone or a laptop. And that means you’ve got access to both smaller sources of information, such as the pool of people you follow on social media, and larger sources, like news websites and pages like Wikipedia.

After all, the internet is a treasure trove of learning tools, and maybe even an online degree could be something to invest in – it’d be a good introvert fit! More and more universities are putting their lessons and resources online, to make them more accessible to anyone who’s looking to get qualified for any reason, and that means it’s a free market for you to get comfortable with! Get yourself a college degree that could boost your career, or just go on research deep dives every now and then.

Your education can be comfortable, and it can be enjoyable, and realizing that as you grow into a fully fledged adult is important! Make sure you’ve got the subjects you love on your curriculum and be sure to make some friends along the way.


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