When Things Go Bark In The Night

When Things Go Bark In The Night

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You don’t need us to tell you about the joy dogs bring. A wagging tail is, by far, the most delightful sight to wake up to any morning. What you might not realize is that it won’t look so great when your pooch has been barking all night.

Despite their joys, some dogs come complete with significant problems. And, barking at night comes top of that list. We all need our sleep. After a while of this, even that cute face won’t be enough to make things up. If you let things continue, your health and even your work could suffer. That’s not what you signed up for when you brought your four-legged friend home.

There are usually common reasons why dogs bark in the night. Be it for protection or attention, addressing the issue in the following ways could see you all sleeping sounder.

Give them a bedroom

Giving your dog a bedroom may seem mad, but it could be all you need. Of course, you don’t need an entire bedroom for this if you don’t have one. But, providing your dog with some semblance sleeping area can help him feel more comfortable. Otherwise, he has no way to understand where he’s supposed to be. He may even feel afraid in the dark and empty house. But, by kitting out his sleeping area with various pieces of dog apparel to make it cozy, you provide him with a safe space to settle. By making sure he associates this area with bedtime, you may soon find that he sleeps soundly all night long. And it was as simple as that.

Reduce nighttime noise

It’s also worth thinking about any noises which could be setting your dog off. It’s lovely to know that our pooches want to protect us, but not at the cost of sleep for no reason. Still, unexpected noises in the night can set an alert dog off. Do what you can to reduce creaks and bangs by unplugging things and turning off your heating if possible. If you have a noisy fridge, you may even want to move it to the basement so that it’s no longer an issue. Setting up your dog’s room away from the front of the house could also be essential here. That way, you ensure all street noise stays at a minimum for those keen ears.

Go for tough love

As a last resort, you may even find that you have to turn to tough love. It’s horrible, but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t looking after them or their interests. It just means that your dog has become accustomed to crying for attention. And, nothing else you do will solve this problem. Of course, if you have neighbors, you will need to be reasonable here. To some extent keeping your dog in a room which doesn’t back onto their house should be enough to keep the problem in the house. With a bit of hope, this could solve things soon, anyway.


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