9 Interior Design Trends Witnessed So Far

9 Interior Design Trends Witnessed So Far

Spring is a great time to revamp your home. And while some elements of home’s interior design will never change, others need a total makeover. So if it’s time for a new interior decor, make sure you catch up on the latest design trends. You don’t want to be left out in this fast-paced environment of interior design.

If you’re here for inspiration, take a look at the major trends witnessed so far.

More Wood

Contrary to what many people believe, wood is never going out of style any time soon. The use of wood has gain popularity and is expected to continue.  Most people will continue introducing wood elements to their kitchen, dining and bathroom space.

So if you are searching for connections with nature, then wood is your best option because it’s a timeless, versatile material that can offer that feeling.

Combination Of Feminine And Masculine

If you think leather couches and chairs are new, think again. More leather accents are now being used in expected places. The only difference is that dark colored leathers are combined with bright cabinetry to create a perfect harmony. That way, most homes can achieve a suitable feminine and masculine balance.

So when redesigning your interior, don’t be afraid of mixing masculine elements like leather with feminine touches to introduce a more variety into your space.

Green Everything

The demand for sustainable homes is growing at breakneck speed. In fact, over 90% of Americans believe that having a healthy home is very important.

And green made a triumphant entry to offer a sustainable feeling and is going nowhere, particularly in upholstery. Most interior designers even recommend decorating your home with lots of live greenery.

Small plants give your space life, shape and texture. They are ideal for crowding a front window. And when you use them, please consider using them in large groups instead of single plants placed around.

Ornate Walls

Textured walls add more contrast to your space, and having different materials can be more appealing.

Another great way to make your walls appear more fascinating is to add paint. But if you must stick to paint, then consider trying different shapes. Fortunately, the paint is pocket-friendly. you can get a wow effect and fill one room, leaving the rest more natural. The walls alone will make the room great.

Modern Vintage Lighting

Most homeowners prefer vintage lighting because it brings some stylistic cues. They’re more refined, modern, well-proportioned and have sculptural shapes and lines. When you use them on your space, you’ll never see exposed wiring or exposed bulbs.

LED Chandeliers will also make it big. They provide a taste of a sculptural form that creates a very functional source of light, particularly in the dining area.

Open Shelving

A few years ago, hiding everything was common, but now it’s trendy to have your items on display. Clear space is now a popular choice. Most homeowners, even those with small spaces are choosing to put all the kitchen cabinetry in the base units for the walls to be open and bright.

If you decide to borrow a leaf, you can add shelving in various styles, like metals to acts as a design accent.

Colorful Kitchen Appliances

Appliances offer a great way to transform your home, and colors are big and bold so far. Although bold and splashy colors may seem to overwhelm, they can create a unique style when combined with a neutral palette.

You can succeed in incorporating complementary colors depending on your location. For instance, if you live in a coastal area, teal or light blue color may appear great when paired with a bold coral colored appliance.

Resort Amenities

Who wouldn’t want luxury hotel amenities in their homes? Most homeowners want their property to resemble resorts. They want hotel amenities such as outdoor home theaters, pizza ovens, and poolside televisions.

If you have the same aspiration, then consider using a synthetic sod on your outdoors because it looks perfect. It can even be used in shady areas and requires fewer chemicals and water to keep it healthy.


Biophilia is another trend that is trendy now. It is an interior design driver that engages homeowners and their visitors by connecting them to primal instincts about nature. The sight of greenery can make you calm thanks to plants and living walls, the sound of water, tactile organic materials, and access to natural views.

The world of interior design changes fast. And as people travel, more trends will definitely emerge. So before redesigning your interior space, it’s wise to look for new ideas and motivation.


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