5 Ways to Save Money Next Time You Order Pizza

5 Ways to Save Money Next Time You Order Pizza

There’s nothing better than pizza night after a long week. A hot, delicious meal is ready and waiting, without you having to slave away in the kitchen for an hour. The comfort food is even better when you can save a few bucks. Check out these five great tips to spend a little less on the freshest delivery pizza.

  1. Become a Loyal Customer

Your favorite chain is bound to have a pizza rewards account you can sign up for. These programs allow you to accumulate points with each order you make, so you can eventually put it towards a free item off the menu.

  1. Sign Up for Emails

With an online account, you can also receive frequent emails to notify you of current specials going on at the restaurant. These emails can keep you updated on the best deals so you’re never left wondering what’s the best pizza delivery near me.

  1. Stockpile Your Coupons

It’s common for pizza places to attach coupons to the top of the box. Don’t throw them out! Keep a stack stashed away for the next time you have a craving and you may be able to save big.

  1. Order Online

You can usually find great offers online through the restaurant’s website. Some of these deals are only available through this ordering method, so it’s easy to miss out if you decide to just call it in.

  1. Embrace Leftovers

Sometimes bigger really is better. A special may offer you way more food at a much lower price tag. You might think you don’t that larger pizza or side of breadsticks but heating up leftovers gets you off the hook for dinner the next night.

When you can save a little money, it’s easier to make pizza night a weekly tradition. Take advantage of these tips and you’ll have the perfect excuse to indulge yourself.


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