Soothing Tips to Destress and Unwind

Soothing Tips to Destress and Unwind

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Stress is a part of everybody’s lives and it’s even quite healthy to a certain degree. When we need to focus a bit extra and pay attention in order to nail that big presentation at work or just get through a difficult situation, stress is exactly what we need in order to make it through – but too much of it can affect your health, in the long run.

If you’re looking for ways to stay a bit more relaxed during your everyday life, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a handful of tips to make it a bit easier for you to stay calm and relax so that you can find a moment of peace even in stressful situations.

Tried meditation?

If you’ve never tried meditation before, now is definitely the time to do it. It’s the perfect way to get back in touch with your inner life and block out a bit of what’s making you feel so out of balance; focusing on your breathing, banishing anxious thoughts, and turning your focus inwards rather than outwards tend to do this.

Mix up your meditation routine a bit by trying yoga instead. You might find that you prefer yoga over meditation or you can just use all of it throughout the week to keep your sanity – whatever you feel works for you.

The trick behind these techniques is that you’re taking back control over your thoughts and spending some time on just being rather than constantly thinking and analyzing. Give yourself some space to simply exist from time to time, and you’ll notice a huge difference in your mood as well as your general wellbeing.

Work with scents and color

What we smell and the colors we surround ourselves with the can, in fact, have a big impact on how relaxed we feel. While red is known for getting our blood pumping, green is one of the calmest colors; try to include a bit more of it in your wardrobe or just give your bedroom a quick makeover. It’s supposed to be the room you relax in, in any way.

While no essential oils will be able to cure any illness, the scents can definitely have an effect on your mood. Mix up your scents a bit this time and try a rose perfume instead or add a bit of lavender in the scents you use in your home. (

Try a breathing exercise

Learn proper breathing techniques, even if you’re not chronically stressed, and you may be able to silence your mind for a few minutes – and it will come in handy right before the big exam or presentation as well. Focus on breathing deeply, count your way to 4, hold it for a second, and exhale for a count of 4.

The more you’re able to bring your mind inwards rather than outwards, the easier it will be to silence your mind and feel your heart rate decrease slightly.

It just makes it a bit easier to stay calm during the most stressful situations – and you might even be able to fall asleep a bit easier.


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