An Introduction To Crossfit

An Introduction To Crossfit

CrossFit, in case you didn’t know, is the latest craze in fitness and training, and for those gym owners looking to capitalise on its popularity, CrossFit equipment packages for your business are invaluable. They cut the expense and the hassle of sourcing all the different bits and pieces separately. One way of working out is the vertical jumpAn explosive jump can give you tips on how to boost your vertical jump drastically.

For those not in the know, CrossFit is a form of strength and conditioning training and exercise that is, by design, far-reaching, broad and general. The benefits of CrossFit are the overall, balanced improvement it offers; the fact that it is doable, even without a huge amount of expensive gym equipment; and the scalable nature of the work-out programs. When running CrossFit classes, you can accommodate many different people of all abilities and aptitudes; only the load and intensity of the program changes, and not the content. Having said that, there is a short list of CrossFit equipment that you should invest in for any classes you run, whatever the level of participants. A good package of CrossFit compatible equipment should include: kettlebells of different weights (preferably with flat bottoms to make them versatile), a good Olympic standard barbell, bumper plates of different weights, a pull up rig, a squat stand, and jump ropes. Keep in mind, though, that these are the very basics. It would be ideal if you also invested in a rower, slam balls and medicine balls. These things are much less expensive to get your hands on when bought individually, but some packages will also include them already.

Getting the right equipment

As far as gym equipment goes, CrossFit classes can tick over quite nicely without too many big, fancy pieces. This is why it is also good for personal trainers who are on-the-go a lot. You can use a personal trainer app to manage your schedule and your CrossFit routines to ensure you keep things varied. In terms of equipment, arguably, you could get by with just some weights and a chin-up bar, but a good program will need a little more than that explosive jump.

One essential piece of kit is a good, an Olympic standard barbell and some bumper plates. When choosing a barbell, then theoretically speaking, any barbell will do. However, a pin barbell is not the best bit of kit for CrossFit as drops can break the pin, and many people prefer to avoid a center knurl as it can scratch the throat during cleans.

In terms of bumper plates, what really makes bumper plates different from the traditional steel barbell weight is the size and the material which they’re made of. Traditional steel plates differ in size, generally speaking, depending on their weight and unsurprisingly, are made of steel. The effect of this is that they cannot be used for the explosive overhead lifts that competitive weightlifting requires without risking damage to the floor or to the weights themselves. Bumpers, on the other hand, are a uniform size no matter what weight they are and are made with, or encased in, rubber. This means that they can be dropped from head height during high-intensity lifts and workouts without the risk of denting the floor or damaging other gym equipment. Steel plates are cheaper than bumpers, partly simply because they are so much less versatile: bumpers can do all the things steel plates can but have the added benefits of being designed for competitive weightlifting. It all depends on your budget, though, and what you’re planning on doing: if money is really tight, and you aren’t intending to do either CrossFit training or Olympic lifts, then the extra expense of buying rubber bumpers is unnecessary.

Another essential bit of CrossFit equipment is the kettlebell. Now for the best effect, you’ll want kettlebells that are all in one piece, and which have handles broad enough for two-handed swings. They also need to be smooth to the touch so they don’t tear up your palms during repetitive snatches. It would also be wise to consider flat bottomed kettlebells if you wish to include renegade rows and the like without too much equipment jumping. A final, essential piece of equipment is a good jump rope. For mixed classes where there are beginners as well as the seasoned, then it is often best to get thicker ropes that move more slowly.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of CrossFit and what is needed for this form of workout.


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