The Tools you must have all the time – 9 Go-To Essentials

The Tools you must have all the time – 9 Go-To Essentials

     1. Finish Nailer

These are not your regular bulky nail guns. Forget about cords, everyone should have a portable best finish nailer with an accumulator. Use it for heavier pieces of trim like cabinetry, baseboards etc.

It also works for attaching trims to the drywall. The drywalls are not structurally sound so a finish nailer gives you a stronger hold and better durability.

     2. Brad Nailer

This tool is pretty similar to the one I have mentioned before but it is slightly smaller and thus really convenient for lighter materials. It uses, you guessed it, brads.

A brad nailer is great for light trim. You would not need to use wood putty to cover the hole as the head of the brad is really tiny. These do not work for the drywall though.

     3. Claw Hammer

This tool is among the most versatile ones. You can use it to straighten things out, to make things loose. A claw is good for pulling out nails etc. Everyone knows how to use a hammer.

     4. Multi-Tip Screwdriver

Forget the old screws and bulky sets. Now you have some really amazing portable screwdriver kits with many tips that fit perfectly with a single handle.

     5. Adjustable Wrench

No need to carry a big bulky wrench set with you. Now you can have an adjustable one to substitute an entire kit.

The wrenches might not be the most versatile tool out there but they are really good when you need to grip something and hold it in place. They are also good for cutting cords, obviously.

     6. Zip Ties

Keep a few sets of differently sized zip ties handy. You can use them in order to manage wires and to hold things together.

These are really cheap and versatile. Use them for your repairs and handicraft, zip ties are also important as a daily tool.

     7. Tape Measure

These are another cheap and versatile tool you might find extremely handy. Everyone has one in the household. Tape measures are used to measure distances and sizes.

The modern tape measures are much lighter and longer than their older counterparts. If you still do not have one you definitely need to get it. 

     8. Utility Knife

A utility knife consists of a plastic case with a retractable blade. Do not mix them up with the Swiss knives though. These are used to open boxes, cut through lighter materials etc.

A good knife comes with the spare blades saving you time and money so you do not have to buy a new one every time when the blade goes bad.

     9. Gloves

A pair of heavy-duty industrial gloves can be handy in any household. If you still haven’t gotten yourself any you should buy some leather or rubber work gloves. These are used for different purposes, some protect you from mechanical damage and heat. There are chemical burn protective options etc.


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