10 Romantic Ideas That Make A Memorable Proposal

10 Romantic Ideas That Make A Memorable Proposal

So you’ve finally found the woman you would want to spend your entire life with? The next thing that you would want to do is to propose to her and that too in a very special way. After all, this is the moment that every woman waits for all her life. Obviously, you need to think something wonderful to make it one to remember. Preparation is the key and you can start by getting her a lovely gift to mark the occasion. Here are some more amazing ideas that you may use to surprise the love of your life.

Just be yourself

Your lady probably loves you for who you are, so try not to be pretentious and do something that does not match your personality. For example, do not try something over the top if you are otherwise a calm and simple person. Just be yourself and she will love what you do for her. Choose your words with utmost honesty and feelings if you want to win her heart because this is something that will really make an impact on her. Look into her eyes as you profess your love to her and she will not be able to say no!

Pick a special day

Another great idea to make your proposal super-special would be by picking a special day for asking her hand in marriage. It could be her birthday, Christmas Day or New Year Eve. For people in love, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to pop the question. You may wait for the anniversary of your first date as well. Having a special day to lock a special occasion is something that makes it memorable for a lifetime.

Plan a candlelight dinner

Book a table by the poolside and have a band playing her favorite music to get a sure yes from your beloved. A candlelight dinner will create the perfect ambiance for the special evening and make it one to remember. Make sure that you choose her favorite place and order her favorite dinner and wine. And you can even reserve the entire place for yourself so that it is just the two of you to feel the joy of the moment together.

Cook for her

If a candlelight dinner is your idea of a dream proposal but you want to add your personal touch, cook it for her and invite her to your place. Bake a heart shaped cake and replicate your commitment on the icing. You can seek the help of a friend or family member if you are not great at cooking. There are plenty of recipes online to help. Even if the food is not impressive enough, she will still appreciate your effort as much as she will love your idea.

Take her on an adventure trip

If she is someone who loves adventure, try something that gets her adrenaline rushing. You can plan something as wild as a proposal underwater or in mid-air if you have that kind of a budget. Or say it under the stars right in the middle of the jungle on a camping trip. If you are low on budget, try asking her the question in the middle of a movie break. You will probably know what really excites her and make the proposal a wonderful surprise accordingly.

Say it with flowers

Of course, it is customary to propose with a diamond ring but you can make it even more special with flowers. Order her favorite blooms and hide the ring right in the middle, to uncover it only after she says yes. You can even try the option of a custom bouquet from Cali Bouquet to have an extraordinary one created just for her. She will surely love the thoughtful idea of getting flowers that she absolutely loves, all decked in the most beautiful arrangement.

Give her a puzzle to solve

Nothing will be more precious than a surprised smile on her face when she solves a special puzzle created just for her. Plan a treasure hunt game for her where she receives the proposal ring once she wins the game. The excitement of winning the hunt will be doubled when she finds the most amazing surprise at the end. And you can be sure to get a yes if you do it this way!

Include your families

For couples who are really comfortable with each others’ families, bringing them in is perhaps a great idea. If you are really sure that she is ready for taking your relationship to the next level, discuss the idea with both the families. Plan a special night out with them but make it a surprise for your partner. Just get on your knees and propose to her with both the families being present to get a definite affirmative.

Wear it on a tee

Another great idea for proposing to your lady love is to have the big question printed on a customized t-shirt. You can even have her name printed on her along with the magic words. Wear it underneath a jacket or jumper and take it off when she least expects it. She will surely love the surprise and adore you even more for the way you say it. And the t-shirt with “Marry Me” will be a treasure she will preserve for a lifetime.

Sing it to her

A proposal can become all the more precious if you get a little creative. Write a poem or song for her, something that replicates your emotions. Better still, you can recite or sing it for her to make it an experience to remember. You can think of something superb like having it aired on the local radio channel and she will surely be impressed.

Proposing to your lady love is something that shows the depth of your feelings for her. Even the most precious diamond ring will not be as touching as the right expression of love. So go ahead, think of an idea that will win her heart and make her yours forever!


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