5 Handy Tools To Add To Your Collection


Every handyman should have a toolbox that contains all the essential tools to get various projects done. Whether you’re focused on home maintenance and improvement projects, auto maintenance and repair, or even crafty DIY projects, the tools you have will determine your capabilities. 

So, it’s worthwhile to add quality tools to your collection. With this, it’s always best to invest in quality because cheaper tools don’t last long at all. 

Nevertheless, we’ve listed five handy tools you won’t regret adding to your collection. 

Grease Gun  

With a quality grease gun, lubricating car components, that squeaky sliding door, and even household appliance parts are easier than ever. This tool is essential for anyone serious about auto mechanics or DIY projects. 

The best grease gun on the market can last a lifetime, and this tool will only cost a couple of hundred dollars. 

Electric Sander

If you’ve been sanding down materials by hand, you already know just how long it can take to achieve a smooth finish. Instead of investing so much time into smoothing materials by hand, you could invest in an electric sander and never dread this aspect of your projects again. 

An electric sander will ensure you can achieve the smoothest results possible, regardless of the kind of surface you are sanding. Even so, you will need to invest in a variety of sanding discs with different grits. 

Electric Drill

An electric drill is undoubtedly an essential tool. With an electric or cordless drill, you can easily drill holes of various sizes, mix paint quickly, sand curved surfaces, remove rust, grind metal, and even create hidden joints. 

Electric drills can be used for so much more than making precision holes. Although, this is the primary reason you need this essential power tool. 

Table Saw

Sawing any material by hand with a handheld saw can be a tedious nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to cut straight with a handheld saw. On the other hand, you could invest in a table saw and achieve precision results every time you need to cut a material in your workshop. 

With a quality table saw, you can cut a variety of materials, customize board width, customize board thickness, create beveled cuts, make decorative cuts, and so much more. 

Paint Spray Gun

Paint spray guns can work with or without compressed air. Whichever you opt for, you’ll find this tool exceptionally handy. 

A paint sprayer can be used to add flawless layers of paint to various materials, which will make your creative DIY projects a lot easier. These tools are also relatively cheap, and they can last a lifetime as well. 

There are tons of worthwhile tools to add to your collection. Once you have added the tools listed above, you’ll still find more handy things to add to your toolbox. And if you’re concerned about the costs of quality tools, keep in mind that the more tools you have, the more you’ll be able to do in your workshop. 


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