Lighting as a part and parcel of interior design

Lighting as a part and parcel of interior design

The fact that adequate lighting makes a house look beautiful and presentable is no overstatement. Nobody likes to live in a dingy house wherein there isn’t sufficient lighting. Such a house looks pretty uninviting right from the outset. You certainly don’t want guests and relatives to feel uncomfortable because of a dingy lighting setup when they visit your home. Frankly, the lack of sufficient lighting makes people feel insecure. A well-lit house is not only visually appealing but also generates a feeling of optimism.

Also, having adequate lighting facilities at your disposal isn’t enough. The placement of lights within the house is just as important. Furthermore, the types of lights that you use also holds importance. The lights that are put to use should be in tandem with the size of your room. The lighting setup would have a direct impact on other aspects of design such as the placement of furniture, the color of the walls, etc. Therefore, choosing the right set of lights for your house happens to be of utmost importance.

The importance of lighting?

The detailing aspect

In the absence of adequate lighting, you won’t be able to experience and see the house’s interiors. Furthermore, adequate lighting helps you look at the detailing. Adequate lighting can help you witness the wallpapers used within the house, the type of furniture, the wood carvings, etc. The absence of sufficient lighting makes it difficult to take note of all these details.

Helps in color management

An efficient lighting setup can enhance colors and design. Also, lighting can enhance the overall appearance of the room. A dim-lit room appears cramped and small, whereas a well-lit room appears spacious and big.

A status symbol

The lights you use also speak volumes about your lifestyle and status. Installing a chandelier in the dining hall symbolizes affluence. Not only do chandeliers provide beautiful illumination but also add a tinge of elegance to the room’s overall appeal.

Different types of lighting that you can use:

An ambient lighting setup

Ambient lights are used to brighten up the room.  You can reduce the intensity of light as per your convenience in order to attain the mood and feel that is desired by you. You can use either lanterns or scones as ambient light. These lights are used to illuminate as much space as possible. Both up-lights as well as down-lights fall under this category.

An accent lighting setup

This kind of lighting can be chosen when you wish to showcase the architecture within the house. Halogen lamps can be used if you desire to have this kind of a lighting setup. Accent lighting can also be used during exhibitions if one wishes to highlight a particular painting or photograph. Simply put, you can use a light bulb that is three times as bright as the room’s other lights in order to highlight something.

The task lighting setup

In case you wish to highlight some particular areas within the house,  then the task lighting setup is the one you should go for. For instance, hanging lights over the dining area can take the decor of your house a notch higher. Not only will it keep the room illuminated, but will also add significantly to its overall visual appeal. Efficient task lighting setups can include choices are recessed lights, floor & table lamps, pendants, etc.

To Conclude:

Lighting forms the heart and soul of your household. There are households who spend heavily on acquiring the best lights. Before you go out to buy a set of lights for your household, it is extremely important for you to keep your budget and the size of your room in mind. The type of lights you choose would have a direct impact on the appearance of your household. It is always advisable to go for brighter lights.


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