How to Spray Paint a House Interior

How to Spray Paint a House Interior

Whenever you think about painting a house interior, two things always come to mind brush painting or spray painting. Brush painting gives excellent finishing, but it takes more physical strength than spray painting. And while painting with a brush, you have to go up and down off the ladder, again and again, that’s tiresome.

Spray painting is a technique that has created interior painting easier and the device paint through the air onto the surface. This painting way is less time-consuming than brush paint.

Many people do not know how to use paint spray for the interior. Without knowing the spray painting technique, you can’t use it the proper way, and the final outlook may not be the same as you wanted. But in this article, you can learn how to use paint spray at the house interior.

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Set up the area

First of all, you have to set the area properly before painting. Move the furniture or other staffs somewhere else, and then the vacuum will be easy. Then mask off the things like windows, doors, and the base that you don’t want to paint and cover the floor with a waterproof drop cloth. You can use blue tape mask for natural wood.

Now move forward to fill nail holes with spackle for the well-finished look. Took a small amount of spackle and put it to the pits and clean the outer space after that start sanding with sandpaper so there will be no rough edges. If you filled large holes or cracks, polish smoothly that way it will hold the color easily and the texture will be even.

You can use paintable caulk to cover the joint gap or crack on doors or windows woods with the wall. Just put the caulk on those space and rub off the excess amount.

Prepare the spray paint

If you already have a spray device that’s better, whether you don’t own a paint sprayer, you can rent from construction stores. Before starting to paint, you must check the machine and parts. Also, notice the spray tips clogged or not.

Don’t forget that safety comes first. As spray paint works through air pressure, you should wear some goggles covering your eyes, anti dust face mask, and rubber gloves.

Take a bucket, set a filter in it then put the paint into the bucket to strain the paint. Now your color is ready to spray.

There are different kinds of paint spray for various purposes, you can read the instruction attached to the device and choose the right paint for you.

Start spray painting

Are you using a paint sprayer for the first time? Then try it in a flat area like cardboard or plywood at first. In a paint spray, the system distributes the material evenly. Start using the light coat for stains, medium for interior and heavy paint for the exterior.

So by practicing, you can quickly get the decorating idea of how much you should spray for fine finishing.

You should hold the spray gun 12 inches away from the surface and keep the sprayer consistent with spraying straight. Avoid spray paint in an angle position because that will create an uneven finishing on the surface. Spray paint as long as you can reach easily, spray outer edges and inner corners and overlap by half after each stroke. Press the trigger at the point you start and release it end of the stroke. Your spray direction depends on its construction like if the sprayer tip is horizontal, you will spray on that direction.

When you finish the half side, immediately start the other half before it dries otherwise you will see overlap dry mark.


The perfectly painted interiors give your house a beautiful look. Spray paint is smooth and saves your energy. Before you start spray painting, carefully move things to a safe space and wrap them well with plastics and tapes. Use masking tape and drop cloth to cover each corner you don’t want to spray. Strain the paint so that you don’t face any obstacle later and wash the filter with water to reuse again. Apply first on the cardboard and when you find the right pattern, start coating and maintain the distance between the wall and the sprayer. Also for ceiling painting begin from the corner space and then the middle area. Move your hand while applying spray paint to the straight direction. Don’t release the trigger before the stroke ends that will create an overlap coat.

Also, try to paint 3-4 ft. at a time that will be comfortable. After finishing the painting don’t forget to clean the spray guard and tip; otherwise, the paint will dry and clog the line. Flexibility is an essential thing in any equipment. The best house interior paint spray should be flexible and give the perfect coverage in wood and concrete with the use of latex and oil-based paints.


You never know about the danger, but you should always be cautious before using anything. Read the guidelines of your paint spray and set it as mentioned. Do not try it empty-handed that may be dangerous because of the high pressure. Use gloves to protect your hand. Also, don’t pull the trigger without setting your right position and the pressure level that may ruin your surface. Take your time and slowly coat your area for the best result.


Sometimes people misjudge spray paint with other painting tools. They think only professional can use spray paint, but they are wrong. Anyone can use spray paint for a house interior, and it gives the best output within a short time and not tiresome like other tools. It doesn’t leave uneven marks. Also, you don’t have to keep the paint bucket with you to paint like brush painting. Spray paint is lightweight, and you can work without any pause. There are fewer chances of getting color on your cloth or hair. But you must have better quality spray paint for the best result. It’s not like you are going to buy a new one for another project. If you carefully use it and keep it clean, you can use it for a long time.


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