6 most common sexual desires and how to treat them

6 most common sexual desires and how to treat them

There are many sexual problems that people can be facing in bed and often feel shy to talk about them. All the sexual problems that are found in people these days are found to be treatable. Once you are in a relationship it is important to satisfy your partner in your bed as it becomes a part of the commitment. Satisfying your partner is important as it reaffirms the commitment that you have in your relationship by discovering the sexual side of each other.

What are the causes of sexual problems?

It is very important to go through medical consultation if there are any sexual problems faced by two partners. Sexologists can help such people who are going through these problems.  The treatment for such problems are based on the causes of these diseases and can be multi-faceted.  Other problems that are causing such problems need to be treated as well. Sexual problems are usually caused by a mixture of the below-mentioned conditions. They are as under:

1.       Medication: Sometimes the drugs that you take for some other medical conditions can be the cause of the sexual problems that you are having in bed. It is important to have your medicines on the track so that the cause of the problem is known. That is why medical history is an important factor when it comes to treating sexual problems.

2.       Hormonal Problems: Hormonal imbalance can also cause sexual problems. There are times when our hormones are not synchronized with the occasion and at times like these it is important to consult a doctor.

3.       Taking Oral Contraceptives: Taking oral contraceptives can also cause sexual problems in bed.

4.       Having a lack of experience and knowledge

5.       Fatigue: Being constantly tired can affect the performance of a man in bed.

6.       Having problems in a relationship often contains a person from performing

7.      Distorted Body Image: People who are not comfortable with their body image often have anxiety while performing and often leads to an unimpressive performance in bed because of the constant pressure.

8.       Having a sexual trauma from the past: Sometimes things happening from the past can lead to a non-active sexual performance.

Six problems that are commonly faced by people in bed are as under:

     1. Erectile Dysfunction: Ed condition is the inability of a person to sustain an erection at the time of sex. This often leads to an incomplete climax which can be a point of conjecture for partners who are involved in sex. It is also caused if the patient has a history of cardiac arrest in the past 3 to 5 years. This can also happen if there are psychological problems faced by people such as having anxiety regarding sexual performance.
Solution Ed Pills:

  • After consulting your doctor, you can take a pill which active ingredient Tadalafil or Sildenafil Citrate. A famous name of Tadalafil is Cialis and Viagra is popular Sildenafil. It may be too costly primary patient. You can also buy generic Cialis online with Trusted Pharmacy.

      2. Having a delay in ejaculation: Delayed climax in males is often termed as a disorder and is often accompanied by the absence of orgasm. Delayed ejaculation is sometimes followed by no ejaculation at all. This can be termed as a lifelong condition and should be cured as soon as possible.

   3. Premature Ejaculation: This is the most important complaint faced by couples. Ejaculating within a minute of penetration can be a problem and has majorly to do with the psychology of a person. Hormone levels can also affect this and can be the reason for it happening in the first place.

     4. Having no interest in sex: Lack of interest in sex is a problem which is faced by both men and women. There are many reasons for that happening. It can be because of the past problems faced by people, depression, hormonal balance etc. It is important to consult a gynecologist for matters like these. 

     5. Not being able to achieve Orgasm: No being able to achieve orgasm is also known as anorgasmia. It is categorized into primary and secondary anorgasmia. Primary anorgasmia is when a woman has not experienced orgasm at all. And Secondary anorgasmia is when a woman no longer is able to experience a real orgasm. There are many problems that can cause this such as going through painful sex, having a past traumatic experience etc. It is important to include foreplay during sex because a man and a woman have different thresholds when it comes to climaxing.

     6. Having extreme sexual pain and penetration disorder: Many women go through the disorder where they are scared of penetration. It has been seen to be treated in the past as there is a pelvic muscle which goes to spasm while penetration which causes pain. This has been treated and is seen to be successfully wiping off the corners.

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