10 Trendy Houseplants: Will They Survive in Your Space?

10 Trendy Houseplants: Will They Survive in Your Space?

Home decorating is a simple way to add a touch of green to your home. Whether you are fascinated with large potted plants or you prefer the small green plants or bonsai trees, the florist has the best selections where you can choose what fits your style and taste. These natural decorations are not only great to beautify the house but are also perfect if you want to get closer to nature even at the comfort of your home. Here is a list of the top 10 trendy houseplants that will surely survive your space:

     1. Cactus

Cacti are cute and adorable, and they are easy to take care of. You can even forget them for weeks provided that they are placed safely indoors. Even at dry and overly-heated spaces, cacti can still thrive through. You can easily set up your collections of small cacti plants using specialist compost and proper drainage system. Once you master the art of taking care and growing cacti at home, you will surely enjoy the impressive and colorful blooms they give. In the winter season, you can keep them somewhere dry but lighted and in the spring season, you may bring them out to enjoy full sunshine. Ask your local florist for advice and recommendations on how you can take care of your cactus at home.

10 Trendy Houseplants: Will They Survive in Your Space?

     2. Succulents

A collection of succulents will surely turn your rooms and spaces at home into a wonderful ambiance and nature. Growing succulents at home brighten the rooms and help purify the air. These lovely plants improve the humidity of your homes. If you need fresh air and oxygen, you can also count on succulents. To keep them healthy and to help them survive in your space, the first thing to do is to ensure that the soil is well-drained using mix compost and sand. Dry and dying leaves should be cut off from the plant to avoid affecting the whole plant. You can water them lightly to supply the needed nutrition but the soil should be as dry as possible.

     3. Snake Plant

Snake plants are hardy plants that can thrive in your homes for a long while. They are a breeze to flourish and care for. The plants are tolerant of various environments which mean you can keep them inside the home in pots and planters or outside your house in the backyard or garden. However, too much sunlight may cause their leaves to dry out and burn and too much water will overhydrate and kill them.

     4. Jade Plant

Jade Plants have the capability to tolerate different temperature variations. Being from the succulent family, this plant wants more light and less water. Because of this, you can keep them for long even with minimal care. The miniature tree-like appearance of this plant adds appeal to your room or spaces. They are also perfect in creating an amazing landscape.

     5. Clivia

Clivia is durable flowering plants that you can easily grow and take care of indoors as a houseplant. If your room is chilly and sunlight seldom streak through the windows, these durable and long lasting plants are your perfect choice. They bloom in cooler weather and rest for 4-6 weeks after. When resting is done, the best way to cultivate it is to feed the soil with fertilizer and keep the plant watered in a minimal amount of water.

     6. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is also known as Aglaonema. It has beautiful lush leaves in a distinct pattern. The green leaves are surprisingly tolerant of low light and cool temperature, making the plant an ideal houseplant that will survive your spaces and rooms. This plant does not need too much water, especially when kept indoors and in a dim room.

     7. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is a trendy houseplant because of its instagrammable appearance. They have attractive leaves in a waxy and smooth texture. The shiny leaves brighten any room and spaces. It takes easy steps to care for and grow this type of plant. Even beginners love to start off indoor houseplant growing with ZZ plants. However, this type of plant should be kept a little higher, probably on top of shelves or in corners where kids and pets cannot reach them. They have toxins that may cause skin irritation and may intoxicate pets. But they are not cancerous as rumored.

     8. Areca Palm

Areca Palm is a perfect houseplant that will endure the low light and less water. Even in low temperature, this plant is sure to keep on growing even under indirect light. This plant does not need too much water but well-drained soil. Although there are some challenges to face in growing Areca Palm indoors, you can still succeed by simply mixing the soil with lots of materials for good drainage and use a peat-based mix. The aim is to prevent roots from waterlogging.

     9. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a perfect houseplant. Its beautiful appearance and fashion-forward appeal make it a popular choice for model houses. The glossy leaves and the tall, columnar structure can easily fit into corners and spaces. It requires little water and bright consistent light, which is typical in any room. They want warm and dry temperature and their leaves tend to dry out and fall in an air-conditioned room. To keep them indoors alive for a long time, you may feed the soil with water-soluble plant food. The soil should be rich and well-drained.

     10. Anthurium

Anthurium is a lovely houseplant, especially when they begin to bloom. The bright green leaves and the red flower add a pop of color to any room and spaces. This plant can also survive any room temperature because of its well-drained soil requirement and indirect sunlight tolerance. Small plants of Anthurium will do for a unique tabletop decoration while big plants of Anthurium are perfect for corners and empty hallway. Taking care of Anthurium is also a breeze. This plant can tolerate various levels of light. However, growing this plant in low light yields it to bloom less and slower. If you want the plant to bloom more often, let it grow where it can be lighted indirectly.


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