5 Mobile Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

5 Mobile Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

There are a number of reasons why people use the apps that they do. The two most common reasons that people use apps are to help make their daily lives easier and to help them make a little bit of money if they need it. Finding the right apps that will benefit you and your lifestyle is very important, so you need to take time to consider which ones will work best for you.

1. Waze – If you want to save some time on your journey to work each day, then you should look at using an app to help you find the best way to get there. Waze is a great app that helps you get where you need to go faster. By using the GPS on your phone, Waze can help you to avoid any issues on the road, by giving you real-time updates on things like accidents, traffic or roadblocks that can slow your journey down. Because the app is a community-based program, you can get updates from real people about any issues in the area or you can update it yourself to help others get to where they need to go quicker as well. The app also has a feature that allows you to check the cheapest fuel in your area, so you can save yourself the time it takes to shop around for petrol prices because you will already know where to go thanks to the app.

2. Hey You – If you are sick of wasting your time waiting in line for food and drinks at your local cafe or restaurant, then you need to get Hey You. Hey You is an app that allows you to beat the queue and save time at cafes and restaurants, by ordering before you arrive at your destination. Gone are the days where you will have to wait in line to order because you can order your food and drinks from the app and they will be waiting for you when you get there. Hey You uses your device’s GPS location to find cafes and restaurants in your local area so that you can order from vendors that are close by. This will help you to plan out your day more effectively and allow you to work on things that matter, without wasting any time waiting.

3. Airtasker – If you have a limited time to get a number of jobs done, and need someone to help you finish them, Airtasker is the app for you. Simply advertise a job that you need to be completed on the app, and wait for someone in the area to accept the job. Then all you have to do is negotiate how much the person will be paid for said task, and then they can complete the job without any hassle from you. People can help with a number of different jobs, from thing like assembling furniture, doing household chores, picking up and transporting thing and even doing marketing or design work for your business. Airtasker is quick and easy because you won’t have to wait until someone is available to help you because there is always someone who will offer to do the work for a little bit of money. You can also become an Airtasker if you want to help others and make a little bit of extra cash, so you can make money or save time using the app, depending on what you are after at the time.

4. 1Password – Remembering a number of different passwords can be hard and you can spend a lot of time trying to figure them out if you ever forget them. Apps like 1Password allow you to securely store all of your passwords in the one place so that you won’t be able to forget it next time you need to log in. It is more efficient than keeping it on a piece of paper or in a document because you will always have them with you as it saves the passwords to your phone. 1Password also takes your personal security into consideration by keeping your passwords safe and secure on your phone. All of the data that you supply is encrypted when you are using the app, so you won’t have to be concerned about others getting their hands on your passwords, because only you will have the Master Password that unlocks all of your information.

5. Doodle – If you need to plan an event or create a schedule to suit a lot of people then Doodle is the app for you. Doodle allows you to make scheduling events uncomplicated by inviting multiple people to an event at once and letting them choose the time that is best for them. Once the participants have voted on what times and dates work best for them, you can pick and choose what option suits everyone. This app will save you the time and effort that goes into scheduling an event via email because it simplifies everything that goes into creating an event so you don’t have to worry. And if you are saving time on scheduling you can get on with other things that you need to do instead.

These days, there are some really great apps out there on the market, and you can often find an app to help you out with a number of different problems that you face each day. The point of most of these apps, whether it is to help you save time or to help you make money, is to make things just a little bit easier for everyday individuals. So whether you have troubles with managing your time, or you need a bit more money to help you stay afloat, you can rely on a number of different apps to help you. 


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