The Best Travel Gadget to Make the Most of Your Trip in Italy

The Best Travel Gadget to Make the Most of Your Trip in Italy

The land of the Romans, Italy has much to offer to its visitors. Most people want to visit Italy at least once in a lifetime and for a good reason. It has unique art, literature, cuisine, history, and scenery which looks like it just materialized from a fairytale. The architecture in Italy is a glimpse into the glorious errors bygone. It has something to offer to everyone, whether you are on a solo backpacking trip across Europe, a romantic honeymoon, or even a family trip.

Why Italy?

Italy is the seventh largest economy in the world, and 60% of its revenue is from tourism. It has very relaxed rules for tourists visiting there. All you need to have a wonderful vacation in Italy is a valid passport, visa, and a pocket wifi Italy. The internet has become a necessity to the millennials as well as other tourists. You can find out the best places to visit and stay, how to reach there, be in connect with your friends and family, Instagram the beautiful envy-worthy pictures and even do a little bit of blogging, vlogging or other remote work if you want.

Internet Connectivity for Tourists in Italy

Sadly though, the free Wi-Fi scene in Italy isn’t as good as you want to have a seamless vacation. If you are planning on spending hours of a day in a cafe using free Wi-Fi, you may be somewhat disappointed. To overcome this limitation and have internet connection throughout your trip to Italy you need to have a reliable internet data plan. Keep reading to find out why Pocket wifi Italy is better than getting a SIM or other pocket Wi-Fi devices.

Leading Pocket Wi-Fi Brand While Traveling to Italy

My Webspot is a young brand which provides Wi-Fi connection in more than 100 countries across the world. They aim to improve the way you travel, unsurprisingly, it is their tagline as well. They are trusted by thousands of travelers for seamless 4G internet connectivity while traveling to even the remotest destination. The features which make it a popular choice among the expatriates and tourists are:

        Using Pocket wifi helps you to save nearly 95% of the roaming charges which you would have to incur otherwise. Having cheaper internet connectivity would ensure that you can use various apps such as Google Maps, Google Translate, and other apps which are necessary while traveling to a new place. Additionally, you do not have to face your fear of missing out (FOMO) as you can keep in touch with your friends and family throughout your International trip and even use Wi-Fi calling to call them without running huge bills.

        My Webspot offers all its uses 4G connection even in the basic plans, which is generally not the case with other pocket Wi-Fi providers where you have to pay significantly extra for it. Most probably you are used to high-speed data in your home network so why should you compromise on the speed simply because you are traveling internationally?

        Moreover, if you are traveling in groups you can split the cost of Pocket wifi Italy among yourself as up to five people can connect their device to it at a time. This significantly reduces the cost of the Wi-Fi nearly 50% to 80% depending on the number of people sharing it.

        It’s probably the USP (Unique Selling Point) of Pocket wifi Italy. As mentioned earlier My Webspot is spread over 100 countries across all the continents and have agreements with several of the largest mobile operators in these countries. This allows you to travel across these countries with the same pocket Wi-Fi easily. It connects automatically to the different settings in these countries.

        The data plans provided by My Webspot is more than that provided by its competitors. It offers unlimited data with 5GB 4G data per day in Italy. above which the speed reduces to 512 kbps. In other countries, the fair usage daily data limit is 1GB in the USA, 2GB in Mexico, and a whopping 10GB in France. With Pocket Wi-Fi Italy you would never have insufficient data.

        My Webspot offers you two variants of the pocket Wi-Fi weighing 150 grams and 200 grams respectively. Both the variants function similarly and have a long battery life of 8 hours. The only difference is a slight variation in their dimensions.

Renting the Pocket Wi-Fi and Its Cost

It is easy to order pocket Wi-Fi from My Webapot. You can go through their websites and fill in a few details about yourself and the dates when you would require the pocket Wi-Fi. The whole process of renting the Webspot Pocket Wi-Fi takes nearly 2 minutes, and the Wi-Fi is then sent to the address provided by you. They ship the pocket Wi-Fi all across the world and the delivery in Mexico, the USA, Europe, and Singapore is free. It costs 7.90 Euro to rent a Pocket Wi-Fi for traveling to Italy. The costs are on a fixed daily basis which is affordable and have no hidden costs. This means that the cost that you see while renting is the same that you would have to pay without any surprises. The fee also includes the deposit amount for the device which is 180 Euros and insurance to cover you in case of damage, loss or theft.

Returning the Device

It is also easy to return the device after the trip. You can either mail it through a self-return envelope or a prepaid envelope. In case you forgot to send back the device, you can email them about the delay in sending the package and send it to their office in Paris. After they receive the device, they would credit the deposit amount back to your account.

For any queries about the Pocket Wi-Fi device, you can write to the My Webspot’s team of customer representatives on email or by calling.


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