What to pack in a Nappy Bag

What to pack in a Nappy Bag

The fact is that most of the first time mums don’t know what to pack on their nappy bag when they are about to take their baby out for the first time. If you are one of them, then you have to make sure that you know all the things that you are supposed to pack in your nappy bag. However, the big deal is not what you pack but the bag you have. What this means is that the first thing is to ensure that you have the right nappy bag. If you are starting on this, then get to nappybagstore for the best deals.

Nappies, nappy rash cream and wipes

This are the first things that you need to pack on your nappy bag. You need to ensure that you have one nappy for each hour and a few extras. If for any case you are using cloth nappies, then you also need liners in your bag. You can as well store some few wipes in your nappy bag if you are not going out for long. Wipes are good not just for changing the baby but also for sticky hands.

Change mat

The other thing that you shouldn’t forget is the changing mat. The good thing is that most of the nappy bags available in the market today come with reusable change mat. If yours doesn’t have a change mat, then you can at any time buy one separately. For traveling, you can go for disposable change mats.

Milk-filled two baby bottles

You need to ensure that your baby has enough milk for the day. For this reason, you should pack two milk-filled baby bottles with either expressed breast milk or formula milk. However, you are supposed to prepare the formula before you leave the home. You can as well pack bottles of water and pre-measured milk. If you are going for expressed breast milk, then you should keep it at room temperatures not exceeding 26 degrees.

Small packets of tissues

The reality of the matter is that there are days when your baby will be having a runny nose and this is the time when you need tissues the most. They also make great stand-in wipes and placemats. You can as well fold them into paper hats whenever you want to keep your child entertained.

Hand sanitizers

You need hand sanitizers for cleaning your hands after changing the diapers. This means that you need at any time to have hand sanitizers for the day out.

Plastic or biodegradable bags

This is for storing soiled bags, cloths and baby blankets. They are very helpful and you don’t have to skip them in your packing list. Just ensure that your children don’t get in touch with them because they risk suffocation.

Extra cloths

You don’t have to run out of cloths when your baby vomits; you need to have extra cloths just in case. You can just carry another pair of cloths on your nappy bag.


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