Island Magic Resort in Vanuatu For A Truly Magical Experience

Island Magic Resort in Vanuatu For A Truly Magical Experience

Experience Vanuatu

The best way to experience Vanuatu is by staying in special locations that local families have owned and inhabited for generations. You will find these spots hidden away in some of the most remote areas on the beautiful outer islands of Vanuatu. Without a doubt, staying in an island bungalow will give you an experience that is purely Vanuatu.

Island Magic Resort in Vanuatu

Island Magic Resort bungalows are situated just a few steps from the ocean giving you the biggest outdoor pool right on your doorstep with a ladder and jetty that provide direct access to the ocean. These bungalows vary in size and the facilities and services they offer are outstanding. They are ideal for families, couples, casual conferences, and wedding groups.

Facilities include satellite TV, internet access, self-catering facilities, DVD and book lending library, laundry service, non-smoking rooms, babysitters, and a pool, barbecue equipment, bicycles, and snorkeling gear are available to borrow or hire.

Nestled amongst four acres of lush tropical gardens, the bungalows overlook the pristine waters and coral reefs of Mele Bay with beautiful views of the harbor. At Island Magic, you can enjoy all the comforts of a home together with the luxuries of a resort. Enjoy a poolside meal with family and friends, relax on your own private deck, or have an intimate sundowner on the oceanfront deck with your partner.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure or luxurious indulgence, Island Magic Resort in Vanuatu will fulfill all your desires.

Things to do in Vanuatu

One of the things you must do to capture the complete experience that is Vanuatu is to take a cultural or community tour. These tours showcase the ancient way of living on the islands with pure cultural village experiences. Watch dancers perform custom dances unique to the island that include the exotic Banks and Torres Island Snake Dance. Feel the rush of adrenaline from being watched by lurking warriors armed with ancient bows and arrows as you follow your tour guide to the village entrance where you will receive a big community welcome.

World Heritage Site in Vanuatu

Chief Roi Mata’s Domain, situated just a half hour’s drive from Port Vila, features breath-taking views of the harbor, a string of pristine beaches, a spectacular view of the hat-shaped island of Artok, and many more. In 2008 the site was formally registered as a World Heritage site – a first for Vanuatu.

The story of a great and powerful chief exists throughout the southern and middle islands of Vanuatu telling how he united the cannibalistic warring tribes of the island into a unified, peaceful group. According to tradition, when a prominent chief died he was accompanied by members of his family and loyal supporters who joined him on his journey to a subterranean netherworld. Roymata was accompanied by one of his ten wives and 47 other supporters. Today it is no longer tabu to visit Retoka Island and the customary owners of the island are keen to offer tours to Roymata’s grave and to explore the rest of the island.

How to get there?

Vanuatu is situated west of Fiji just one hour and thirty minutes away by plane and no more than two to three hours from countries anywhere in the South Pacific such as neighboring Australia, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, and New Zealand. It is only fifteen to 20 minutes by car from the heart of Port Villa. The national carrier is Air Vanuatu and international flights arrive at Bauerfield International Airport on Efate Island, approximately ten minutes from Port Villa.  Shuttle transfers and taxis offer services from the airport to resorts around the island.


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