4 Fashion Tips for Petite Women on Wearing a Maxi Dress

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Maxi dress is a favourite type of clothing during the summertime. It has been in demand in the fashion industry for about a decade now. But many short ladies are intimidated in wearing a maxi dress. The good news is maxi dresses are not only for tall women but for petite ones, too  and here are some ways in which petite women can look amazing in them:

  1. Opt for Prints That Go Well With Your Physique

Printed maxis come in different styles, so it is easy to wear one. The key to wearing prints is size. If you are on the thinner and shorter side, you need to be careful in choosing prints on your dress. You should wear a maxi dress with small prints because big prints, particularly in a long dress, can be overwhelming to look at in a short body.

If you are short and medium built, choose dresses with medium-sized prints. If you are petite but plus-size, medium prints will fit you as well. Avoid wearing horizontal prints as they can make you look shorter. If you want a striped maxi, consider thin diagonal lines. Make sure they are subtle and not too bold, as this can make you look shorter and wider.

  1. Choose Monochromatic Palette

Maxi dresses with monochromatic or solid colours, particularly in a dark tone, can help make a short frame look taller. Monochromatic colours are elongating, slimming and not distracting to the eyes.

If you are petite and small, opt for light solid tones. For petite and plus-size, go for dark solid colours. And, if you want colour-blocking in your maxi dress, it should be monochromatic. If you wish to try other colours of block orientations, make sure they do not cut your body in half.

  1. Wear a Maxi With the Right Length and Cut

Floor-length maxi dresses work perfectly with short women than ankle-length dresses. It is better to avoid wearing calf-length dresses if you have a short frame.

In terms of cuts, a dress that fits closely to the body looks great to petite ladies. Bias-cut dresses made from silk fabrics or soft jersey fabrics are also suitable for a petite frame. Avoid extremely stiff fabrics that are balloon or boxy, as they will not compliment your body type.

  1. Focus on the Waistline

You can find maxis with a high waist or empire waistline that look flattering for short women. An empire cut maxi dress with a flowy skirt can conceal bulges, as well as give the illusion of more height. A high waistline offers the same long leg illusion as it draws the eyes upward.

If you have no high waist or empire waistline maxi yet, try using a belt and place it slightly higher on your natural waistline to create the same visual effect. For a longer appearance, wear strappy heels with your long maxi dress.

Even though you have a petite frame, it should not stop you from wearing a maxi dress. Add as many maxi dresses as you want to your wardrobe and make them your go-to outfits. Make sure to use the helpful ideas above and look well in your maxis.


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