Best Jobs for Moms on Maternity Leave

Best Jobs for Moms on Maternity Leave

Married life brings a lot of joy, and many think that the greatest happiness is the birth of a baby. You get off from work so you can take care of yourself before the baby is born and afterward to take care of a newborn. But this does not stop you from earning some cash meanwhile. Working on your maternity leave is the best way to steer clear of the “resume gap” but also enables you to supplement your income. You can earn some extra skills or sharpen up your existing skills by working during your maternity leaves and spice up your resume. Send your new details to CraftResumes writers for hire, and you may land a better job than your last one.

The Internet provides tons of opportunities to earn your living from your home.

Here is the list of jobs pregnant moms can do while they are on maternity leave:


Having a teaching certification and experience will be a plus, but even if you did not have a teaching job, you could serve as an online tutor if you have expert knowledge in specific fields.

Search the internet for online tutoring websites ranging from elementary school to college and bingo! You have a job that helps you disperse knowledge and earn at the same time.


Okay, teaching may not be your thing but can you write? Blogging has become extremely popular during the last decade. There are all sorts of blogs ranging from technology to marriage. You can start one of your own blogs about maternity or new parent; there are bloggers who are making thousands of dollars every year through their blogs.


Don’t like writing? Are you a good listener? If your answer to these questions is yes, then transcription is the perfect home based job for you! You just need to have access to a distraction-free room and a pair of quality headphones and you are ready to convert that audio file to written text. Freelancing can be a lucrative path you can take here, but seeking employment on agencies that provide transcription services can be a steady and stable approach. Although the pay may not be good at the beginning, you can enhance your working process and churn out more transcriptions in shorter intervals.

Chat Agent

Don’t like talking or have a noisy house, no problem; you can serve as a chat agent on websites. Chat agents provide the same kind of support as call center representatives only through writing and corresponding on chat windows.

Data Entry Clerk

This happens to be the oldest home based jobs and is still much more in demand than any other business. It could be best suited to pregnant moms as it does not require any special skill and is completely stress-free, you can do it even on the days when you do not feel that energetic. All you need is know how to use MS Word and MS Excel, and you can earn some extra cash on your pregnancy leaves.


While pregnant moms are at home, they already participate in many online forums. Well, you may apply as a moderator for any of these online forums and earn a little cash.

Your basic job will be to respond to questions, give information, manage conversation threads, move or delete them, and keep the online community safe by removing online trolls.


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