Best Texas Roofing Options

Best Texas Roofing Options

Ask anyone who’s born and raised in Texas, they’ll tell you all of the beautiful things the Lone Star State has to offer. But, they’ll also tell you to be prepared for the heat. Regions of Texas can get pretty hot, but with a little adjustment in lifestyle, anyone can feel right at home.

Roofing companies say, when you’re taking the proper precautions to protect yourself from the big Texas sun, don’t forget to protect your home, too. Certain kinds of roofing are more capable than others when it comes to handling the elements while keeping the interior of the house insulated, dry, and cool.

Metal Roofs

One of the most durable roofing options is metal. Metal roofing is non-porous and sturdy. While it’s a bit more expensive than the standard asphalt material for roofs, the cost of metal roof installation, either in aluminum or copper, is on the decline. With the proper insulation, metal roofing does a good job at reflecting sun rays, keeping the interior of the home cool. Insulation will also help with noise that occurs when rain pours down.

Solar Panels

While not traditionally considered a roofing option, installing solar panels all over your roof will help protect the roofing below, thereby extending its natural lifespan. Solar panels are an excellent choice for a secondary energy source since they absorb so much of the sun’s rays. This absorption keeps the interior cooler and cuts down on your energy bills.

S Tiles

An extremely effective roofing option for sunlight reflection is S Tiles. This particular type of tile is similar to terracotta tiles, designed in a wave pattern and painted white for maximum reflection.

Clay Tiles

Clay and terracotta tiles are a traditional go-to method in this area of the country for promoting maximum air circulation and reflection of sun rays. Clay tiles also have a high degree of aesthetic appeal, making it a popular choice for Texans.

Slate Tiles

Another beautiful option for sun reflection in the big Texan heat is slate. Slate is a natural, organic roofing option that becomes even more attractive as time goes on. Slate tile roofing keeps your home cool and protected while offering an option that lasts nearly as long as your house does.

Concrete Tiles

The lowest cost option to keep your home protected from the elements are concrete tiles. These tiles are not the most beautiful, but they can be tinted or dyed to match the color you have in mind. Concrete tiles can be heavy, so to avoid high transportation costs, you’ll need to purchase yours locally.

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing a roof on a current home in the great state of Texas, make sure you take the time to do the proper research first. Many options for highly reflective roofs exist. Deciding which one is right for your home will depend on cost, budget, the effect on home resale value, efficiency, transportation costs, installation costs, etc. Whether you choose the classic southwestern clay tile look, the beautiful slate option, or a durable metal roof, you’ll be happy knowing your home is adequately protected.


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