Why You Should Consider Cloth Diapering

Why You Should Consider Cloth Diapering

If you are about to welcome a new baby into your life, you’re probably pouring over your diaper options. If you’re at all concerned about the health and well being of your child, as well as the environment (I mean, who isn’t?), you’ve probably given a lot of thought to cloth diapers.

If you’re also worried about convenience, comfort, and cost, don’t be. Modern cloth diapers have come a long way from those fold-and-pin days, and as design technologies have advanced, cloth diapers are becoming more mainstream. Take a look why!

Five Simple Reasons Why Cloth Diapers are the Best

They are Better for the Environment

There’s the argument that cleaning cloth diapers uses a lot of water. But even with that taken into account, it still doesn’t make up for the production that goes into manufacturing disposable diapers. It takes 9 gallons of water for one single plastic diaper to be created. Not to mention—we have a plastics problem, and disposable diapers only contribute to the issue. In fact, it has been estimated that one plastic diaper takes 500 years to decompose.

They are Cost-Effective

Did you know that the average cost of disposable diapers for one child costs, on average, $1,500 – $2,000 dollars? Although the initial cost of cloth diapering might be higher (on average, $300 – $500 dollars for a well-stocked diaper stash) there is only that one-time purchase fee. You can also buy them second-hand and, if well-cared for, cloth diapers can easily be resold.

And just a hint: cloth diapers are a great item for your baby registry. Grovia cloth diapers make trying out this diaper option a breeze…you can build a sample bundle if you’re wanting to give them a try before going all-in.

Fewer Diaper Rashes

There is a long list of chemicals in the typical plastic diaper (on average, about 50); these are considered the worst. With the amount of time a baby spends in a diaper, you’re risking exposure to some pretty harsh ingredients. What does this have to do with diaper rashes? With cloth diapers, you’re not exposing your child to these harsh chemicals. Because baby’s skin is so sensitive, less chemical exposure often means fewer reactions in the form of diaper rashes.

They’re as convenient as disposable diapers

No, really. Cloth diapers really have come a long way. While prefold diapers are still a popular choice for accessibility (they’re super affordable), the new diaper technologies sweeping the industry today makes cloth diapering simple. There are options for cloth diapering parents ranging from hybrids to all-in-one to swim, so the argument that disposable diapers are the most convenient isn’t really true anymore.

They’re cute

This is kind of a silly reason to love cloth diapers so much, but it’s true. Cloth diapers are adorable and you can find one in every color, pattern, and style. While this might not be the deciding factor in why you go the cloth route, it sure doesn’t hurt.


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