A Million Stone Experience: Your Guide to Hadrian’s Wall

A Million Stone Experience: Your Guide to Hadrian's Wall


Finding a holiday that is a perfect mixture of fascinating history, spectacular scenery, and health and fitness is like finding your new favorite restaurant. It’s new and exciting. There are lots of options to keep you interested. And you can find something new each time you return!

A walking holiday in the UK can not only provide the history, scenery, and fitness, but it is completely organized around those three pivotal aspects! Explore some of England’s most celebrated walking paths on your next holiday. See the beautiful natural scenery expand before you as you take your time, slow down, and really immerse yourself in your journey.

A memorable and historical walking tour that should definitely be written on your bucket list I the Hadrian’s Wall walk. The 89-mile (143 km) walk will take you along the Northern most border of the Roman Empire. From the banks of River Tyne at the North Sea, all the way to the Solway Firth on the Irish Sea, this breath-taking walk will keep you filled to the brim with natural beauty, brisk exercise, and a rich history!

The Whole Wall

The stone structure is the largest Roman archaeological feature in the world. Walking the entire wall can be an extended holiday of ten days and eleven nights, or a fast-paced six days and seven nights. Simply prep your home for an extended vacation and set off on an intense and rewarding holiday!

Building for the wall began in 122 AD in order to mark the edge of the Roman Empire in Britannia. When it comes to experiencing all 89 miles (143 km), you can choose between five different holiday packages.

  • Six Days, Seven Nights
  • Seven Days, Eight Nights
  • Eight Days, Nine Nights
  • Nine Days, Ten Nights
  • Ten Days, Eleven Nights

Your holiday can be arranged just for you! Start at the Irish Sea, making your way East along the wall at a leisurely pace. Or Start at the North Sea and challenge your mind and body on a shorter, six-day trip. No matter your choice, you’ll see the ENTIRE wall!

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The walking path follows the wall from coast to coast. Start off in Wallsend by Newcastle, following the waves of hills and steep countryside, through the historic city of Carlisle, then dip into the plains along the Solway Coast! Breathing in the fresh English country air while walking at your own pace and finally getting the chance to SLOW-DOWN from your busy lifestyle!

A guidebook will be provided for you so that you can take yourself through every historical point. For instance, you’ll get to see a mile-castle (and remains) with two watchtowers, and Roman fortresses! There are places where time hasn’t been too kind to parts of the wall, but the most central section is incredibly well preserved.

Take this whole wall holiday, where you can see every square inch of this historical landmark! Whether you have a six-day holiday or a ten-day holiday, it’s worth it to walk from Tynemouth to Bowness on Solway to see the entirety of this ancient structure!


Because of the staggering length of the wall, if you’re not too keen on taking it all at once, you can always break it down into highlights! Whether you’re going from east coast to midway, midway to the west coast, or west coast to midway, there are lots of options!

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In order to keep your holiday as enjoyable as possible, you can book your walking tour with a well-known and respected company. That way you don’t have to worry about where you’ll rest your head after a long day’s trek! Booking your Hadrian’s Wall Walk with a walking holiday specialist will include accommodations, map, guidebook, and options for luggage handling and meals!

Corbridge to Bowness on Solway

Walking from Corbridge to the westernmost part of Hadrian’s wall at Bowness on Solway will take you through a 64-mile (102 km) stretch of the wall! You can pick a five-day walking tour package, a six-day, or even a seven-day walking tour depending upon how many miles you want to walk each day!

In Corbridge, you’ll experience the banks of the South Tyne, then move onto the wall at Port Gate. From there you’ll walk through the hills of the Northumbrian countryside to see mile-castles and turrets! Make your way into Humshaugh, then on to Chester’s fort!

After Humshaugh your route will twist and turn through the Northumbria National Park! Here you will see some of the most well-preserved sections of the wall, before moving up into the beautiful Twice brewed and Housesteads Fort! Allow yourself to really get into the history of the forts, the wall, and the rise and fall of the Romans in Britain!

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After resting your weary head at one of the amazing accommodations provided by the walking specialists you booked with, you can walk on towards Gilsland. There you will pass through the remains of Great Chester’s Fort and the Roman Army Museum. After Gilsland you’ll go on to Carlisle. Visit the historic border city with its castle, ancient city walls, and inspiring cathedral.

The last days of your Wall Walk highlight holiday will take you from Carlisle to Bowness on Solway. The flat salt marshes of the Solway Firth will make for a nice forefront to the mountains of the Lake District! A wonderful holiday that could inspire you for the rest of your life. Perhaps even starting a career to write and travel, and spend more holidays like the Hadrian’s Wall Walk!

You can also choose to walk from Corbridge to Carlisle as one of the highlights routes. Or you can even do a “Best of” tour and walk from Corbridge to Brampton to experience only the most popular sites! Prices for each holiday will vary depending upon how long you want your holiday to be, if you upgrade any of your accommodations, or if you choose to include meal and luggage options.

Shorter Routes

Let’s face it, not everyone has a lengthy holiday time allotted for a walking tour. Don’t fret if you’ve only got a weekend or a short four-day vacation! There are shorter walking tours that are three days and four nights. This way you can still experience this transformative walking holiday with your busy schedule!

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Break down this UNESCO World Heritage Site with shorter length highlight tour. One part is 26-miles (42 km) from Humshaugh to Gilsland, another is Corbridge to Gilsland at 29 miles (47 km) and the last is Corbridge to Brampton with 39 miles (63 km). You can choose to walk for three days and four nights, or four days and five nights.

These shorter walks along the wall will also include accommodations when you make reservations. The length of the time you spend taking in the sights along Hadrian’s Wall will set your pace. It won’t dictate how much you’ll absolutely LOVE this walking tour!

Slowing It Down

Walking tours allow you to really get to know yourself, immerse yourself in the world around you, and take in some absolutely amazing natural views. Before you embark on this absolutely remarkable holiday, make sure to take long, practice walks to make sure your body is ready to walk miles and miles a day! Get yourself a nice pair of hiking boots (be sure to wear them in beforehand), grab a good walking pack, and get yourself on the path!

This holiday is overflowing with history and will allow you to slow down and change the pace of your hectic schedule. Whether you walk the whole wall or take a shorter section for a weekend holiday, Hadrian’s Wall Walk will change the way you view your holiday time! Slow down to walk through history on this fascinating journey!


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