5 Reasons Why You Need a Roof Cleaning Service In Sydney ASAP

5 Reasons Why You Need a Roof Cleaning Service In Sydney ASAP

The roof is arguably the most neglected part of any home. When it comes to roof maintenance, it seems like every homeowner either forget about it or doesn’t give it a second thought. But, you’d be shocked to find out that your home’s roof is one of its most important structures.

Without a roof how will you keep out the rain, the snow, the cold, the heat, or basically all the different elements? If that isn’t enough to convince you to prioritize having a clean roof, read on for some compelling arguments. 

     1. It’ll save you money:

A clean roof will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. That’s because the roof will be clear enough to reflect the sun so that the temperature doesn’t exceed normal levels.

On the other hand, if your roof is filled with dirt, debris, and algae, it won’t be able to reflect the sun, thus heating your house up more than usual and causing your electric bill to shoot through the roof (mind the pun).

Plus, it’s cheaper to keep your roof clean than it is to replace it. On average, a roof replacement can cost more than $5, 500 for a 900 square foot roof, compared to the $260 that you’d pay for a thorough roof clean.

     2. Keep your roof warranty effective:

If you read the fine print on your roof warranty document, you’ll find that it actually recommends cleaning your shingles once a year. Just because your roof comes with a multi-year warranty doesn’t mean that you should neglect it because you’re the one who’ll be stuck with the damage and/or replacement costs. Yikes!

     3. It’ll extend its lifespan:

Do you want your roof to last longer? Then be sure to clean it regularly to avoid the build-up of mold and algae. You see, the growth mold and algae on your roof will cause the wood to rot, eat away at your shingles, and lead to a myriad of health problems for you and your family. The problem can get much worse in tropical areas. So do yourself a favor and hire a professional to clean your roof on a regular basis to avoid costly damage in the long run.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Roof Cleaning Service In Sydney ASAP

     4. Aesthetics:

There’s nothing like a gunky roof to spoil the whole image of your home. It will definitely hurt your chances of getting a buyer if you’re selling and you can forget about curb appeal!

Keep in mind that the exterior of your home is seen as a reflection of what’s inside and it creates a lasting first impression that will affect the potential buyer’s perceptions of all time.

Instead of black stains and moss, your roof should look clean, polished and like-new.

     5. Protect your roof from damage:

You shouldn’t wait until you see damage to start cleaning your roof. Most professionals recommend getting your roof cleaned at least once every year, and reapply the chemical cleaner every 18 to 36 months to protect your roof from the development of moss and algae. 

If you allow the problem to continue, algae spores can spread to your neighbor’s roofs and end up affecting your entire neighborhood or apartment complex. For best results, use a biodegradable chemical cleaner because it’s going to disinfect, kill germs and clean at the same time. This will also help to eliminate wood rot and shingle deterioration.

To wrap up…

Cleaning your roof regularly will cost much less than replacing it due to poor maintenance. While it’s okay to hire a handyman for simple repairs that won’t affect other systems, you’ll want to hire a professional for jobs that require special training, and the same goes for roof maintenance.

Do what’s best for your roof and hire a roof cleaning service provider today. They have experienced professionals who will use cutting-edge equipment to deep clean your roof in a safe and efficient manner.

Don’t wait until things get worse, get your roof cleaned now before mold and algae take residence on it.  A professional roof cleaning company like Kleenit in Sydney will help to prevent future mold and algae growth by using a biodegradable roof cleaner. This will help to keep your roof in good condition for longer and it’ll be easier to sell if you want to.


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