Why Rubbish Removal London is important for Neighbourhood Beautification Projects

Why Rubbish Removal London is important for Neighbourhood Beautification Projects

London has a population of more than eight million people, and each of them is generating rubbish on a daily basis. This is why rubbish removal is one of the main challenges facing city dwellers. As people who take pride in living in one of the most renowned cities in the world, neighborhood beautification occurs regularly throughout the city. But with beautification efforts, comes a lot of rubbish that needs disposal. This is where Clearabee, London’s premier rubbish removal experts, come in.

On what types of beautification projects can you benefit from professional rubbish removal London?

There are different types of beautification efforts, in terms of scale and the type of rubbish that would be produced. They include:

Community beautification efforts

Whether organized by the local authority or through neighborhood groups, every once in a while, a community gets together to clean up communal spaces. These include roadways, parks, and kerbside ditches. In larger communities, especially those featuring residential flats (hence large populations in a small area), the amount of rubbish that could be collected can be immense.

Apart from the amount of rubbish, you might be dealing with a wide range of refuse, such as bottles, organic waste (twigs, leaves, food waste etc), plastic waste and discarded electronics. In such cases, you would require the services of a waste removal service that will not only handle the amount of waste but will dispose of it responsibly for minimal environmental impact.

Building site clean-up

London has one of the most vibrant construction industries in Europe. There seems to be a residential or commercial building project going on at any given moment. And while such infrastructure projects are much needed in a growing city, they generate a tremendous amount of waste. Regular clean up needs to occur during and after any construction project to ensure that the surrounding community is not adversely affected.

Unlike community beautification, most of the rubbish generated by construction projects is inorganic (concrete, metal, glass and such). Recycling is therefore important, and your rubbish removal London partner must have a network of transfer stations that can recycle (or up-cycle) such waste.

Garden beautification

Garden beautification occurs on a much smaller scale (usually involving just one property), but still requires professional assistance regarding rubbish removal. Rubbish can include leaves and twigs (from pruning); grass (from mowing); and other forms of household rubbish.

Why is rubbish removal essential during the beautification process?

As already shown, and beautification process, regardless of scale and magnitude, generates a significant amount of rubbish. This garbage has to be cleared because:

It completes the neighborhood aesthetic rehabilitation

The initial beautification process simply relocates rubbish into designated zones, it is the disposal effort that finally completes the beautification process. Garbage dumps or even skips filled to the brim, quickly become an eyesore. Nothing motivates a community to continuously engage in beautification efforts than seeing an aesthetically pleasing rubbish-free neighborhood. Clearing all the rubbish also motivates the residents’ civic duty to avoid littering in the future.

Rubbish dumps are a serious health concern

Whole books have literally been written on how living next to garbage heaps is harmful to a community’s health. Decomposing organic material creates the perfect environment for harmful bacteria and germs to find a way into a community’s ecosystem. Rubbish heaps harbor rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes and other disease-causing pests. The fumes from rubbish heaps cause respiratory complications, especially to children.

They should be cleared as soon as possible.

Failing to do so might lead to fines and other punitive measures

The city by-laws are very strict regarding rubbish removal London. This is particularly true for garden and construction clean-up. Failing to clear our rubbish might result in unnecessary legal trouble.

Choosing the right service for rubbish removal London

Clearabee is the perfect partner for any beautification efforts (large and small) in London neighborhoods. The company has a proven track record regarding response time, capacity, reliability, and cost. More importantly, Clearabee ensures that more than 90% of all collected rubbish does not end up in landfills, leading to minimal environmental impact.


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