5 Advantages Of Sustainable Food Packaging

5 Advantages Of Sustainable Food Packaging

Going green is something that not only individuals are going through, but companies are also following this movement nowadays. People are more conscious and aware of their environment and prefer companies that are also conscious of being eco-friendly. Sustainable food packaging aims at providing food packaging solutions that are better for our environment in many ways. Many companies are finding that Mylar bags are better for packaging and storing foods than bottles or boxes. It protects your products from the outside environment, like air and moisture. Pkgmaker offers that you can print your logo on Maylar bags, so potential customers will remember your business among the crowd.Whatever kind of packaging you are using, whether it is clamshell packaging or some other type, you always have the choice to transform it into sustainable packaging. Here are some advantages you should know about.

1.     Less Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is the number of carbon compounds that are emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels. When you decide to reduce the amount of packaging, you are reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The weight of your package impacts the amount of energy that is required to produce the finished goods and ship them to the end-user. A lot of consumers care about the impact on the environment and prefer products that are eco-friendly, and that involves their packaging too.

2.     Free Of Toxins

Most of the biodegradable packaging options are non-toxic, and therefore, allergy free. Such materials are great because it means that they will not have any harm to the consumers. Your food items along with their packaging should be safe to use!

3.     Cost-Effective

A great way to discard of any waste packaging is to use Paper Shredders. They make it easier for the packaging to bio-degrade that much faster. If you want to shred high volumes of your waste packaging in lesser time, industrial shredders are a great option. All of this will only reduce your costs. If you are delivering the package to a customer, you can provide a return mailing address where the consumer can send back the packaging that was used in their product delivery. Because the material is sustainable, you will be able to re-use it!

4.     No Plastics

Traditional packaging methods contribute to global warming by using plastic that can remain on earth for millions of years. When you use eco-friendly packaging, it allows you to reduce the plastic that you are using in packaging. Non- sustainable petrochemical resources require a lot of energy, which sustainable food packaging aims to eliminate. Petrochemical products have also been linked to numerous health problems when heated or are used with food.

5.     More Sales

As we have already mentioned above, the customers prefer products and brands that are conscious of environmental issues. A final benefit you will have of using sustainable food packaging is the way that it will improve your brand image. When clients will see how you use environmentally friendly resources, and care about the planet, they will learn that you are a responsible company. An improved brand image will prove to be profitable as customers and sales will skyrocket. Use a trusted company like C Pack and get the job done right the first way.

There may not be a lot of biodegradable flexible packaging options, but they are slowly becoming available at affordable prices.

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Mark Berry is a seasoned designer & creative director with ten years of experience in Chicago, IL. Food Packaging Agency. In his free time, he writes blogs about amazing packaging tips and tricks.


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