The Perfect Event-Planning Crew

The Perfect Event-Planning Crew

Some might find the opportunity to plan their own event exiting. Maybe you’ve been responsible for organizing the office holiday party every year. Maybe you’ve received plenty of compliments on your ability to choose a good venue and decorate it tastefully. With your background in event planning you probably feel like you can tackle the task of organizing the menu for your upcoming event.

Without the help of an experienced caterer, however, you’ll be struggling to put together all the pieces of preparing and serving delicious food. When you try to handle all the aspects of an event without the help of an event planner and caterer, you don’t even realize how much better your experience can be. When you work with a leading caterer, you get more than good food: you get professionalism, experience, peace of mind, and creative flair to your event.

Creativity and Reliability

Make the caterers at The Food Dudes a part of your event planning process and you can count on having innovative food options and memorable experience for you and your guests. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, wedding, private event, or want to source a food truck for your event, a good caterer can make your food dreams a reality.

Who’s Coming?

As you begin making event preparations with your caterer and event planner, you need an idea of how many people will be attending. Understand who has dietary restrictions and ask your caterer what options they offer for vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free eaters, etc.

Give Your Guests Options

Do your guests have diverse dietary needs? Food allergies and special diets play major roles in the lives of many individuals. Depending on your body of guests, you probably have to accommodate a few food preferences and needs. Work with a caterer that can tailor the event menu as needed to make all your guests feel welcome.

On top of making for an exciting dining experience, varied appetizers, buffet options, and different entrée choices promise your guests an enjoyable time at your event. An ideal caterer:

  • Offers more than one entrée choice (with a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free option)
  • Allows guests to add their condiments separately when possible
  • Offers two choices for desserts (one that is indulgent, and one that is less so for the health-conscious)

Flexibility and creativity are virtues of a good caterer, so look for someone who is ready to adapt in order to exceed your expectations.

Work with What You’ve Got

Ontario has an excellent variety of local fruits and vegetables that you can include in your corporate event menu. When you begin to work with a caterer, ask them about which foods are local to your area and what dishes they recommend you serve with those ingredients.

Not only is it an environmentally smart choice to source your food locally, but this approach to menu design also allows you to create a seasonal feel for your food. If your event includes alcohol, then local wine and beer options are a welcome diversion from the usual fare. Your guests will get to try something new as a treat and you get to feel good about supporting local businesses.


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