Yarn Crafts You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Make

Yarn Crafts You Probably Didn't Know You Could Make

Have you promised yourself that this was the year that you were going to really let your creative side shine? If you’re looking for a fun new hobby or simply looking for new ways to get crafty with yarn, you might not have considered some of the exciting things you can make even as a beginner.

For those who love that handmade look and feel, here are three stylish and simple yarn crafts you can complete using knitting and crocheting techniques with your favorite yarn. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can make and maybe even develop a whole new system of gifting for the year ahead.

     1. Baskets

Stylish crochet baskets can cost a pretty penny at a homeware boutique and it makes sense—they’re trendy, versatile, and can make an otherwise dull corner look cozy. You’d be surprised to learn that someone who crochets at a beginner level could make one of these by following a simple, free pattern. Simply stop by Yarnspirations to find a guide to make your own cache baskets that you can then use to store blankets, hats, gloves, or even, yes, more yarn.

     2. Gifts for Baby

The ritual of a baby shower seems so straightforward that perhaps you haven’t even considered making a gift by hand. Traditional showers might include a gift registry for you to follow or you might end up at a baby boutique looking at all sorts of contraptions and accessories you didn’t even know existed. When preparing a gift for a baby shower, there are some simple yet elegant yarn crafts you can undertake to make a lovely, thoughtful gift for the new baby and their parents to enjoy.

For one, you could crochet or knit a baby blanket for a long-lasting, versatile gift. It can be used to swaddle the baby, as a toy, or to keep them warm on outings in the stroller. Keep in mind that babies have sensitive skin so you should use a delicate yarn like Bern at Baby Yarn.

     3. Accessories

For a fun, breezy, Bohemian look you can DIY your own yarn necklaces out of yarn using whatever colors and textures match your personal style. If you don’t have much in the way of textile accessories or don’t wear many accessories at all, you have full control over how dramatic you want to take your look.

Yarn Crafts You Probably Didn't Know You Could Make

Using a small travel loom you can create a delicate yarn pendant and attach it to a chain or necklace of your choosing. Simply weave your yarn of choice along your loom to create a short, triangle-shaped piece of fabric. After you clean up the edges, you’re accessory-ready.

You can even crochet your way to your own unique style with patterns for crochet necklaces that you can create using yarn from your favorite online retailer. Once you get started and comfortable with the process, you can start experimenting with different colors and styles to gift to your friends and family.


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