Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking

Is Vaping Cheaper than Smoking

If you are a smoker then you probably realize just how expensive a pack of cigarettes are.  In the United States, a pack can go from anywhere between four and nine dollars.  To be perfectly in the middle, this study will use $6.50 as a baseline calculation on how much a pack costs you.  You probably have your favorite pack down to the cent, so if you want to follow along, just plug that number in instead of the base.  Now, how much cheaper is vaping (and we are talking about just starting with the vape itself and no other factors).

The more you smoke, the more expensive it is.  If you smoke a pack each day, over the course of the year, $2,372 will go up in smoke.  Some people smoke more, others less, but going with $2,400 will give a good annual amount.  With twelve months in a year that is an easy $200, you will spend each month supporting your habit.  The main difference between vaping and smoking as far as costs go is the startup cost. 

With vaping, you can spend anywhere from $60 to $200 just to get started for the first week.  You might say, woah, that is as much as I spend in a month.  While that is accurate, once you have the vaping device of your choice, you enter a maintenance mode.  Most vapes have two primary costs associated with them, the cost of the coils, the heater part that vaporizes the liquid, and the liquid itself.  This is where the math gets fancy.

Starting with the vape itself, a good startup can be purchased for 60$.  This will usually come with everything you need to vape plus an extra coil or two.  You may have to replace a coil each month or every other month depending on how much you vape and the model.  Coils are fairly cost effective normally ranging about 2 to 3 bucks per coil.  Talk with a local shop on pricing.  That means the vape total will be 60$ plus a generous calc of 3$ per month, or $36 a year. 

The biggest cost of vaping comes with the price of the e-liquid.  Depending on how much you smoke, one bottle can last anywhere from two to three weeks.  If you drop 15 to 20 dollars on each bottle it adds up over the course of the year.  For prosperity calculation, say you get one every two weeks for 20 bucks each.  That equates to a grand total of 26 x 20 or $520 each year.  For those of you following along, something might have just clicked. 

Taking the starting costs of 60 plus 36 for the coils and 520 for the vape juice brings you to a whopping $614 for the year!  This is a quarter of the costs of buying packs of cigarettes each day and sending it up in smoke.  Now as a disclaimer, the prices are going to vary on how much you smoke, what brands you use and how much cigarettes cost in your part of the world.  Overall though, the price does not compare with how much you save while vaping.


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