5 Emerging E-commerce Trends to Follow in 2019 & How to Sell More

5 Emerging E-commerce Trends to Follow in 2019 & How to Sell More

Staying on top of the latest e-commerce trends is essential if you want to keep ahead of the competition. E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular; studies show that it is likely to reach a revenue value of $4.88 trillion by 2021!

Of course, this will increase the level of competition in your business sector which is why you need to know about the emerging e-commerce trends:

     1. Dropshipping

This is not a new approach to business. You advertise products and the consumer purchases them from you. However, you don’t stock the item yourself; instead, you simply pass the order onto the manufacturer who sends the item straight to the customer. You pay the manufacturer and keep the difference between this and what the customer has paid. This is your income although not necessarily your profit.

Because this type of e-commerce is so easy and affordable to start it is becoming more popular. But, to beat the competition you’ll need the best possible landing page.

     2. Multi-Channel

Just as people are now choosing multi-destination vacations and extreme destinations the world of e-commerce is no longer one dimensional. You can’t just rely on Facebook advertising in order to win a decent market share; you need to be operating on several different channels to maximize your publicity and customer base.

     3. Payment Processing

Even after a customer has decided to use your site and picked the product they want it is still possible to turn them away if the purchase process is not smooth enough.

The checkout process must be fast, allowing the customer to input as little information as possible while getting the desired result. In practice, you need to offer as many options as possible, from standard card payments to all other electronic options.

It is even important to consider a local payment option; you may be surprised at how many buyers want this.

     4. Package It Right

Many businesses don’t consider the packaging but this is a trend that is likely to change. The packaging needs to protect your product, ensuring the customer gets it in pristine condition. But, it should also advertise your business.

The perfect example of this is Amazon; it doesn’t need to write its name on the box, the smile on the side is identification enough and recognizable around the world.

Packaging is seen and handled by a lot of people; in effect, this is free marketing, make the most of this by proclaiming who is sending the product.

     5. Follow Up

You probably already appreciate the power of social media. It doesn’t just get your business known it can also damage your business. This is why it is essential that you monitor the main sites and respond to issues quickly and fairly.

This doesn’t mean giving in every time but it does mean that you need to be responsive and show that you have considered a fair response to any issue and implemented it. Other customers will appreciate the honesty and feel more comfortable dealing with you.


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