How to Start Planning Your Summer Holiday

How to Start Planning Your Summer Holiday

It is never too early to start planning your summer holiday. Whether you choose to go alone or with your family, it’s something that you can look forward to.

As soon as you book your destination, you can start scratching off the days leading up to the departure out of your calendar. Plus, planning the details of your trip will always make you more excited about your holiday. You will need to consider what clothes you will bring with you in your suitcase, what tours or activities you will be participating in and much more.

Here is a checklist for what you need to do before you leave for your tropical getaway.

Choosing the location

It’s only natural that choosing the location is the first step in the planning process. Consider what days you are able to take off from work, and what the best destinations are during that time.

This is a summer holiday, so you should start researching a place that offers sandy beaches, for starters. More so, some places are more popular than others for a reason. Many people go to the south of Portugal during the warmer weather months and spend their Holidays in Algarve. This is an example of a location that offers picturesque beaches, tall and towering cliffs, scenic hikes and much more. There is a mixture of action-packed activities and more down-time, depending on the kind of trip that you want to have.

Once you have the destination checked off, it’s time to think about everything else.

Determine your budget

Every single holiday requires a budget that you stick to. The whole point of your travels is to take some time off and to relax. On the flipside, you don’t want to return home only to find out that you can’t pay your monthly bills on time because you have gone into debt as a result of your trip.

Saving money is something that you must do months in advance, and not the week before you leave. Take a look at how much you make every single month and determine what you can realistically set aside once all of your necessary expenses have been paid for.

Choosing your travel partner

The person that you choose to travel with will have a big impact on the type of trip that you have. You thus need to discuss in advance the type of trip that you want to have, and whether it fits with the ideas of your partner.

The perfect travel buddy is someone that is completed aligned with your holiday goals, or is even willing to engage in separate activities on some days. The very last situation you want is to arrive on your trip and find out that you are constantly arguing with your companions. This can be avoided if you simply discuss it in advance.

Book your accommodation

Given that your holiday is a time for you to relax and de-stress, you also want to have a good night’s sleep. You thus need to book your accommodation far in advance, to ensure you find the best possible place.

If you are travelling alone, you may want to consider hostel options so that you meet other travellers. On the other hand, you will want to look into options such as villas or hotels if you are travelling with a larger group. The longer you wait to book this, the harder it will be to find something that is affordable and comfortable.

Consider car rentals

The summer is the perfect time to drive along scenic roads, with your windows down and listening to your favourite music. If you choose to have a mini-road trip while you are travelling, you will also need to book your car rental far in advance. This is another example of something that will only become more expensive the longer you wait for it.

Your packing checklist

Putting together a packing checklist will ensure that you don’t forget to take anything important with you. After all, you don’t want to spend unnecessary money on something that you had at home, if only you remembered to bring it with you.

     1. Clothes

It can be very easy to over-pack the amount of clothes that you bring with you, but you need to be careful that you don’t. Who wants to pay extra fees for overweight baggage? Keep in mind that you will need to bring a few summer wardrobe essentials, and perhaps leave a little bit of room for you to purchase something on your trip.

     2. Medical kit

Packing a small first aid kit is a safety precaution above anything else. There is a chance that nothing will happen, but even the smallest scrape and bruise will need to be bandaged and disinfected so that it does not become worse.

     3. Insurance

It would not be wise to leave the country without the proper travel insurance. Similar to the medical kit, it’s better to be safe than sorry. What if you fall and break a bone? You can’t predict what will happen, and this will ensure that you don’t have to pay hefty amounts of money in foreign hospitals.

Be spontaneous and enjoy it

As much as you plan your trip, leave some room for spontaneous decisions. You could end up talking to a local and they can recommend you a restaurant or scenic spot that you would otherwise have never gotten to.

Enjoy your time travelling and consider even shutting off your phone to truly immerse yourself in the place. Forget about anything that caused you stress and have fun in a beautiful and warm location.

Whether summer is around the corner or months away, booking a holiday is always a recipe for a good time. Remember, you don’t want to wait too long until you finalise the details of your trip either, as all of the best deals will sell out. It’s important to enjoy your summer travels, but you must also be mindful of your budgeting in order to have the best possible experience.


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