What makes exercise bikes the most popular office fitness equipment?

What makes exercise bikes the most popular office fitness equipment?

Staying fit and desktop jobs have become sworn enemies for this generation. Desk jobs have always been there, but they have never been as demanding as they are right now. People barely make the best of their 20-minutes break to have a sandwich and a coffee during their 8-hour day. Most employees work 40+ hours at their jobs without having enough time for fitness classes or weekend runs. As a result, lifestyle diseases like type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular disorders are crippling the future of the world.

How has the concept of fitness changed in the corporate world?

The thought leaders, fitness experts, and entrepreneurs have come together to solve the problem of rising unfitness among the youth. In the USA, one in three people is overweight. Morbid obesity is on the rise across the world. World leaders are joining hands to address the issue of rising health concerns among the new generations. Presidents of first world nations are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle by upholding healthy habits. However, saying is always easier than doing, and people need real-life impetus to adopt regular exercises after and during their work hours.

Corporations and independent start-ups across the world are adopting healthier workplace habits. These include ergonomic seating, healthier menus at their cafeteria, and in-office gyms. Many start-ups that run out of shared office spaces include compulsory mindfulness meditation classes, Zumba classes and fitness workshops under professional trainers for their employees. Fostering an environment of physical and mental wellbeing has helped in boosting the overall health of the employees of the 21st-century companies. However, the lack of knowledge about fitness equipment has led to confusion and reluctance among the workers to adopt the practice of hitting the gym during their work days.

If you want to buy Hire Fitness Office equipment for use in your workplace, you should check out the supplier’s website. The site should give you a complete idea about the personal rental prices and the enterprise rental packages. The availability of these rental plans for bulk fitness machinery makes fitness goals a little more achievable for these corporations. 

What is the simplest training equipment you should be targeting?

We have all heard about spin classes from our friends and family. We may not have the time to check out one in your neighborhood, but if our office has one, we should not let the opportunity of trying it out pass. Stationary exercising bikes are the best workout option you have at hand if you aim to burn calories and reduce the fat percentage in your body. It is very similar to biking in the outdoors that almost all of us are familiar with, but you don’t have to brave the elements outside. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the oncoming traffic or your balance. The stationary bike is ideal if you want to add an extra shot of fitness to your life without heading out. 

You can hop on the exercise bike in loose, comfortable clothing. Be sure to keep your running shoes on. If you wear special shoes that your proctologist has recommended, do not forget to consult him or her once before taking up your in-office spin classes. Spinning can be a lot of fun if you are doing it with friends and colleagues. You can make it out to be a competition of sorts. You can always achieve better distances, times and speeds each day. The newest spin bikes allow the users to try difference resistance settings. Once you get the hang of the exercise bikes and its different programmes, you can ask for your trainer’s assistance to work the different difficulty levels.

Why should you consider the exercise bike?

Many of us want to strengthen our lower body without getting into running or jogging. Frankly speaking, running terrifies many of us, who have been doing desk jobs for quite a few years now. We are afraid of running out of breath or our legs just giving away in the middle of nowhere. While that rarely happens, it is always smarter to take baby steps towards the fitness goals. Exercising bikes allow us that. Freehand exercises take time, and they can be a bit trite. Exercise bikes hasten the process of fat burning, but the varying difficulty levels always promise to keep things interesting for even the ficklest of minds. 

It is understandable that buying an exercise bike for office uses seems ridiculous for anyone! However, most offices, who care about employee health have dedicated fitness programmes. These include various fitness stations in the gym like the treadmills, ellipticals, power rowing machines and exercise bikes. Do not be afraid to crack the speed up a bit on these training equipment setups. Most offices rent them in bulk from reputable sellers, who provide complete maintenance and repair work for the machinery.

Exercise bikes provide the ideal cardio workout for all ages. Unless you have specific knee or ankle injuries, you should definitely have a crack at it. These exercise bikes are perfect for boosting cardiovascular health. Working out on this machine for about 20-minutes per day at a moderate intensity strengthens the muscles of the heart and increases lung capacity. That results in healthy blood circulation through all joints. It boosts immunity and reduces inflammation. Once the blood circulation is up to a healthy level, it drives enough oxygen to all vital organs including the brain. That is the reason a good session of sweating it out often makes a person feel happier and satiated.

What’s the final word?

Choosing the exercise bike can help you progress towards a healthier and heartier you in a fun way. It can take the boredom out of fitness and training. Most office-going fitness enthusiasts enjoy going to their spin classes and the exercise bike sessions at their office gyms whenever they get time. You can be one step closer to your fitness goal today. Check out the exercise bike options at your workplace gym and try one out today!


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